Anytime Fitness debuts “Real AF” platform


The world’s largest fitness brand and fastest-growing fitness club franchise, Anytime Fitness, has launched its new “Real AF” marketing platform as part of a bold operational strategy to deliver a holistic approach to fitness, health and wellness through authentic interactions between Anytime Fitness coaches and members, in person or via the Anytime Fitness mobile app.

Anytime Fitness disrupted the industry in 2002 by becoming the first gym franchise in the United States to offer 24-hour access. (It remains the only global gym franchise to do so.) As consumer expectations move beyond fitness to a more holistic approach to wellness — particularly as the world works to reemerge from a global pandemic — Anytime Fitness is expanding its convenience-first strategy to promote the relentless support and personalized guidance of its dedicated coaches, both in and outside the gym.

The “Real AF” platform extends across the entire Anytime Fitness omnichannel experience and includes:

  • A revamp of the club’s interiors that will soon begin appearing across select United States-based locations, delivering an in-club experience that puts coaching front and center within the context of better defined and branded spaces for personal training, nutrition coaching, and recovery services.
  • A more interactive digital experience that tailors each member’s access to coaching and support.
  • A modernized Anytime Fitness logo, including an “AF” monogram.

“Our ‘Real AF’ platform is an unmistakable affirmation that success looks different for every individual member,” said Stacy Anderson, president, Anytime Fitness. “Through a personalized plan and our omnichannel experiences, we will do everything in our power to help them build self-confidence, resiliency, commitment, balance — where they are, on their terms.”

The brand worked with 10 Thousand Design on in-club experiential design and Colle McVoy on the “Real AF” creative campaign,. Each spot casts aside self-doubt and limiting beliefs, encouraging members to fully embrace themselves as they are and seek the services and support AF provides. Watch below:

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The availability of the latest “Real AF” experiences and services will roll out as part of a multi-year evolution in partnership with Anytime Fitness club locations across the U.S., and extend across nearly 5,000 locations in nearly 40 countries, on all seven continents.

“Our traditional coaching approach at Anytime Fitness has played an essential role in literally thousands of member success stories over the years,” Anderson said. “The ‘Real AF’ experience amplifies the unique and personalized ways our coaches provide the best guidance accessible anytime, anywhere.”

The campaign will run on national TV, digital, print, streaming audio and social. The initial club experience and logo design began with agency partner FAME, and evolved with agency partner 10 Thousand Design