Allstate, Williams shine spotlight on domestic abuse

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Domestic violence affects one in four women in America, and even though financial abuse is present in 99% of domestic violence situations, it’s seldom discussed and commonly misunderstood.

The fact that nearly 50% of Americans are unaware that financial abuse is a form of domestic violence is staggering. Combine that with nearly one-third find the topic of domestic violence taboo – up 10% since 2014 – according to a 2018 national survey by The Allstate Foundation.

To raise awareness of this often hidden form of domestic violence and open a national conversation on recognizing the signs of financial abuse, The Allstate Foundation today debuted a public service announcement, created by agency Leo Burnett, titled “Signs” that features tennis champion, philanthropist and Allstate Foundation Purple Purse ambassador Serena Williams.

“Not all abuse is visible. Unlike the marks and bruises of physical violence, the signs of financial abuse can be difficult to see – even for victims experiencing it,” says Ellen Lisak, Allstate Foundation senior program officer. “With the help of Serena and our advocates across the country, we hope to raise awareness of the issue of financial abuse, remove the stigma and begin a much-needed dialogue.”

“Signs” is the first initiative under The Allstate Foundation’s new campaign platform – “Know Financial Abuse. No Domestic Violence.” – aimed at spurring public action on this pervasive issue.The signs are often invisible, from extreme restrictions on spending to blocked access to bank accounts or ruined credit.

Directed by Sasha Levinson of Tool North America, Williams navigates a maze-like setting riddled with some of the most common signs of financial abuse victims face in their daily lives.

The film ends with a rallying cry, encouraging the public to recognize the signs of financial abuse and start a national dialogue to help the millions who are trapped in abusive relationships find freedom. Watch below:

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“I am a longtime champion of standing up for what you believe in, and I am proud to use my voice for anyone who can’t use theirs,” said Williams. “I hope this piece helps put a spotlight on the hidden signs of financial abuse, sparks meaningful conversations with loved ones and creates an understanding that we need to be advocates and allies for those around us.”

Since 2005, The Allstate Foundation has invested more than $66 million to help empower more than 1.7 million survivors on the path to safety and security.

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