Lee Daniels seeks diverse creatives for career workshop


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Producer Lee Daniels is best known for giving us Lucious, Cookie and the rest of the Lyon’s fam on Fox’s Empire and the now-cancelled Star.

He has also spearheaded some of Hollywood’s most exhilarating film projects including Monster’s Ball, The Woodsman, Shadowboxer, The Paperboy, The Butler, Precious and more.

Now Daniels is ready to give back to the creative community that has supported him. Teaming with Represent by OMV, Daniels has announced an exciting new diversity focused creative workshop.

It’s described as, “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that gives aspiring creatives from underrepresented backgrounds an inside look at the entertainment industry under the mentorship of experienced and acclaimed professionals.”

Chosen individuals will be provided with an invigorating itinerary filled with various workshops including meetings and exciting experiences with Lee Daniels Entertainment and Represent by OMV executives, studio visits and an exclusive trip to the working set of an upcoming Lee Daniels Entertainment Television production.

Daniels said, “It has been my goal to create opportunities for diverse creatives and to tell inclusive stories. I have always been about giving all creatives a chance and the Lee Daniels Entertainment Creative Workshop is another step in driving Diversity and Inclusion in Hollywood.”

Aspiring creatives who would like to submit for a chance to take part in the LDE Creative Workshop must follow the instructions below:

•Follow the official Lee Daniels Entertainment and Represent by OMV social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
•Submit an IG or FB story or post video of 15 seconds on why Lee Daniels Entertainment and Represent by OMV should select you for this experience.
•All submission videos must activate the @tag for the official Lee Daniels Entertainment and Represent by OMV social accounts.
•Follow all legal rules and regulations of the promotion.

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Kathryn Schotthoefer, CEO of Original Media Ventures, added, “Lee Daniels is a legendary storyteller and creative professional, whose work reflects the depth and breadth of what is possible when talent has the opportunity to thrive. We’re thrilled to partner with Lee Daniels Entertainment in expanding that opportunity to a new generation of creatives, whose stories can and will reflect the rich diversity of our world.”

The career workshop, which will take place from September 25th through the 28th in Los Angeles, CA.

The chance to enter, begins today with a call to action via all Lee Daniels Entertainment and Represent social media and will run through August 31st.

Source: Lee Daniels Entertainment