Alex Bogusky departs CPB after 18-month return

Citing the desire to spend more time with his family, iconic  CPB co-founder Alex Bogusky has announced that he will be leaving the famed agency (he founded in 1988) after making a return to his roots 18 months ago. 

CPB Partner and Chairman Chuck Porter told Ad Age, who broke the story, “We spent 80 hours talking about it over a month,” Porter says. “It wasn’t an easy decision because there were a lot of things he liked, but he thought it wasn’t really fair for the agency if he wanted to reorder his life and not step away.”

In August 2018, eight years after Bogusky left the MDC agency, CPB surprised the industry by announcing the return of Bogusky. It re-appointed him co-founder and crowned him with a new title of chief creative engineer. But the prodigal son’s return came at a difficult time not just for CPB, but the industry in general where many have been struggling to rebrand themselves.

Just as Bogusky returned, the agency entered a reboot period. Earlier in 2018, CPB closed its flagship Miami office and two months later, its Los Angeles office.

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Bogusky is still one of the few larger-than-life creative directors left in the industry, was known for breaking new creative ground for clients like Mini and Burger King.

He famously, he instructed his team to think of the press release and the story a campaign would generate before the media itself which is an approach that’s now become standard practice in the industry.

According to the story, Bogusky’s transition will happen over the next few months.

Reel 360 understands wanting to spend more time with your family and not your work fam. We wish Alex the best of luck.