Airport agonies amped up in new Allegiant campaign

(Courtesy Tuff Company)

Director Paul B. Cummings has collaborated with agency R&R Partners to bring comedic relief to everyday airport grievances in the latest campaign for Allegiant Airlines.

This has not been a good summer for airlines. In fact, it was chaotic. But now that we are approaching fall, the air travel crush will hopefully subside. Last weekend, travel ended on a relatively positive note. According to CNN, flight cancellation rate was 0.6%, a substantial drop from the summer average of 2.2% from Memorial Day weekend in late May through September 1.

From physical comedy to perfectly awkward comedy, the new campaign captures a series of characters you have likely crossed paths with.

We see everyone’s “favorite” lady fumbling in her bag for a paper ticket, the litigious-worthy gate seat theft, and the triumvirate of spots highlight the quirky lowlights of air travel – heightening passengers’ shared experiences in the terminal. Watch below:


“Casting for this project was fun because we got to see a great breadth of talent who can do the layers of comedy we wanted to weave into these spots,” notes Cummings. “For the Butski & Bubkis spot, we wanted those lawyers to be lawyers – they weren’t, of course – but their performances really brought home the transgression of ‘wall theft’ and the restitution you want in that moment.”


CLIENT: Allegiant Airlines

AGENCY: R&R Partners

  • Arnie DiGeorge, New Agency Animal/EVP
  • Jessica Hazen, Associate Creative Director
  • Jason Luery, Associate Creative Director
  • Don Turley, Executive Producer
  • Amberlee Engle, Senior Vice President of Client Partnerships
  • Christopher MacQueen, Senior Project Manager


  • Paul B. Cummings, Director
  • DJay Brawner, EP
  • Max Rose, EP
  • Samuel Brownfield, DP
  • Taylor Rae, Producer
  • Sam Shapson, 1st AD

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