AICP to give out awards for just being you

It’s as if Oprah Winfrey were hosting the AICP Next Awards. “You deserve an award.” You deserve an award, too!” You over, you get an award!” Why the award craziness? Blame 2020. You know the year that shall not be mentioned? Amidst the challenges of the year of the pandemic, getting any creative work made was an achievement, let alone entering an awards show and hello… winning.

So for 2021, our friends at AICP are awarding every single entry – yes, every single entry – with a Certificate of Achievement simply for having managed to make something they are proud of during a pandemic.

That is fairly dope, people.

It works like this – when you enter the AICP you’ll automatically receive recognition. When agencies or production companies submit an entry for the AICP Show, AICP Post Awards and AICP Next Awards, they’ll be prompted to claim their Certificate of Achievement that is pre-filled with their company’s name, categories and one-liners about 2020.

They can then download straight from the site and share on social. 

And who did this genius concept erupt from? The good and talented folks at R/GA. We can thank the brains of Tiff Rolfe as well as Zack Roif and Chloe Saintilan, the duo behind Helvetica and Merch Aid.

Tiff Rolfe is AICP Next Awards Judging Chair, and she inspired amplification campaigns the last 2 years.

The AICP Show Chair is Ali Brown, President of PRETTYBIRD, and the AICP Post Awards Chair is Chris Franklin, Owner/Editor of Big Sky Edit.) 

Tiff, Zack and Chloe all deserve awards for this. Well done.




  • Global Chief Creative Officer: Tiff Rolfe
  • Creative Director, Visual: Zack Roif
  • Associate Creative Director, Copy: Chloe Saintilan
  • Copywriter: Chapin Clark
  • Senior Technology Director: Thomas Chan
  • Executive Producer: Christine Barnowsky
  • Software Engineer: Jonathan Kelly
  • QA Engineer: Natalia Etchetto
  • Senior Experience Designer: Rosemary Douglas
  • Senior Designer: Ignacio Frigeni
  • Intern, Visual: Aarti Thamma
  • Intern, Copy: Melissa Perrett
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Colin Costello is the West Coast Editor of Reel 360. Contact him at or follow him on Twitter at @colinthewriter1