AICP announces updates to COVID-19 guidelines

(AICP updates commercial shoot guidelines)

Matt Miller, President and CEO of AICP, announced today that the trade association’s COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines and Considerations for production and post production have been updated for a fifth time (marked as Version 6) since their initial launch in late April.

The latest version may be found by clicking here and are also available as a downloadable PDF. The updates include a new section for Agency/Client Considerations and Planning, as well as links to guidance from various union locals that pertain to specific craft departments.

The AICP Workplace Guidelines & Considerations are a living document and emphasize the importance of exposure reduction and mitigation by practicing appropriate social distancing, PPE use (including masks) and proper hygiene. The purpose of the guidelines is to create a safe workplace environment, whether on set or in an office. 

This version of the Guidelines takes into account practical knowledge based on hundreds of successful commercial shoots since production ramped up in a meaningful way in late spring.

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AICP launched these guidelines knowing they would continuously evolve as production restarted around the country,” noted Miller. “By emphasizing sensible procedures and safety protocols, we can all work together to ensure the safety and well-being of all cast and crew on a set.”

The guidelines are intended to assist the commercial production industry and its stakeholders as in-person productions and post production work become more commonplace. To create and update the guidelines, AICP staff collaborated with a working group of leaders in our industry and heard from many outside sources eager to contribute their thinking and expertise. This latest version also includes guidance on creating both a safe and eco-friendly set.

Miller noted that these guidelines evolve as the organization receives feedback and insights from those gaining real world experience with work environments. As noted when the first version of the AICP Workplace Guidelines & Considerations was issued, ensuring that “we communicate with all involved in the process, which is key to successfully adapting to the new normal, and keeping commercials and advertising content a safe, efficient, and viable industry.

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The basic premise of working with the safety of individuals in mind is a constant and should be informing all decisions from every sector involved in production and post production,” said Miller.