Amazon throws exciting ‘Aeronauts’ event

The Aeronauts opens December 6. To build anticipation for the Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones’ reunion, Amazon Prime Video took flight on their experiential nationwide Aeronauts tour.

By blending the past’s indelible spirit of curiosity with the technology of the future, attendees flocked to The Rose Bowl, in Pasadena, for the opportunity to look up and reclaim a sense of wonder as they turn their gaze to the skies once again with an immersive fan experience set in 1862.

(Credit: Jeff Lovin)

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Guests were delighted by the world of wonders seen at this Victorian fair, such as “Mammoth” hot air balloon rides (as featured in the film), a truth-seeking fortune teller, awe-inspiring hypnosis shows, food, games, cartoonists, performers dressed in period attire strolling the grounds, and much more.

(Credit: Jeff Lovin)

The festivities were inspired by director Tom Harper’s main protagonists’ incredible, and sometimes terrifying, ballooning journey.

The highlight of the evening was a screening of The Aeronauts on the world’s first Fly-In Theatre: a breathtaking 20-foot LED screen wrapped 360 degrees around a second hot air balloon.

(Credit: Jeff Lovin)

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The Aeronauts’ Incredible Journey will be traveling to the below cities on the following dates. Free tickets to the events can be found at here:

Los Angeles, California – Saturday, November 23 through Sunday, November 24
San Francisco, California – Tuesday, November 26
Phoenix, Arizona – Saturday, November 30
Atlanta, Georgia – Tuesday, December 10
Orlando, Florida – Friday, December 13
Austin, Texas – Tuesday, December 17

Do try to check out the event and definitely see the film on IMAX if possible.

SOURCE: The Brand Agency