2019 in Review: Who we lost | Gallery

They were trendsetters and legends. Young and old. Men and women who touched our lives either as actors, directors, musicians, writers or advertising creatives. Some were famous upon sight, others brought us joy from behind the scenes. In 2019, some died in peace. Some tragically. Through their commitment to their field, they made us laugh. Made us cry. Made us think.

Whoever they were, the people we lost in 2019 impacted our lives somehow, some way. At Reel 360, we don’t mourn their passing. We celebrate who they were and still are, as their contributions will live on in our hearts and memories. This is Reel 360’s celebration of who we lost.

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  • gary-rhodes
  • goo-hara
  • harry-morton
  • john-witherspoon
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  • Ric-Okasek-2011
  • valerie-harper-the-mary-tyler-moore-show-promo
  • peter-fonda
  • david_hedison
  • mad-magazine
  • denise_nickerson
  • Dr-John
  • peggy-lipton
  • john-singleton-passes
  • tim-conway
  • doris-day-pillow-talk
  • pua-magasiva
  • 190331-connor-nipsey-hussle-tease_ltb0mc
  • Larry-Cohen
  • carol-channing-passes
  • barbara-gardner-proctor
  • Wunderman___Lester_Wunderman
  • bob-einstein-passes
  • Mean-Gene (1)
  • hero_Hitcher-movie

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They are gone, but never forgotten. Happy holidays from the Reel 360 team.