1stAveMachine crafts origin story for Frooti


This is a colorful production. 1stAveMachine Buenos Aires has partnered with longtime partners &Walsh and Frooti, to bring the globally popular mango drink Frooti, to life.

Created by Parle Agro, “Frooti Together”, featuring Bollywood stars Alia Bhatt and Ram Charan, is a fictionalized mixed media adventure through time inspired by the story of the birth of Frooti in India. Set in a vibrantly colorful miniature world, the narrative depicts mankind’s discovery of the mango through its many juicy roles in our history all the way to the creation and distribution of the famous drink worldwide as it exists today.

1stAveMachine BA directing duo Becho & Mab helmed the spots along with director Lake Buckley, who was recently signed to 1stAveMachine’s decorated global roster.

The campaign further cements the seamless collaborative process 1stAveMachine has perfected with its talent across the globe. Watch below:

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The work comes on the heels of Becho & Mab’s recent successful partnership with Bloomberg Media Studios for Samsung Electronics, titled “Tech Goes Green” — a warm, inviting, animated campaign that embraces the eco-conscious side of tech.

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