1stAveMachine animates anti-smoking campaign

(New work from 1stAveMachine)

Our friends at  1stAveMachine have created an animated anti-smoking story for agency Acento Advertising for the California Department of Public Health’s CTCP, one of the world’s leaders in tobacco-control efforts.

Helmed by 1stAveMachine director as well as BRUT Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director Martin Allais, the campaign, entitled “Jackson,” follows a habitual smoker — who often craves a drag while drinking coffee, driving through traffic, and even at the movies — transforming his mind, body, and spirit to finally quit his addiction for 10 years and counting.

For the anti-smoking campaign, the animated visuals, which include a monstrous cloud of cigarette smoke and are accompanied by a Spanish-speaking voiceover. Watch below:

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CLIENT: California Department of Public Health CTCP

AGENCY: Acento Advertising


  • Partner and Executive Producer: Sam Penfield
  • Executive Producer: Peter Repplier
  • Executive Producer: Nick Litwinko
  • Executive Producer: Michaela McKee
  • Directed and Produced by: BRUT
  • Creative Director: Martin Allais
  • Executive Producer: Maud Beckers
  • Producer: Sara Camacho Gutiérrez
  • Lead Compositor: John Harrison
  • Art Direction and Illustration: Jor Ros
  • Art Direction and Animation: Ricard Ubach
  • Type Design: Ales Santos
  • Animation: Angus Pepper
  • Animation: Fernando Abaca
  • Animation: Bujor Stefanescu
  • Animation: Javi Vaquero
  • Animation: Ellis Chan
  • Clean-Up Lead: Marga López
  • Clean-Up: Margarita Rojas
  • Clean-Up: Eva Puyuelo
  • Clean-Up: Libardo Bohorquez Gutiérrez
  • Clean-Up: Macarena Ortega Comp

SOURCE: 1stAveMachine


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