19th & Park expands with 1Park9

(Whitney Headen & Tahira White)

Creative marketing agency 19th & Park is ushering in a new era with the launch of 1Park9, a full-service production company for commercials, branded content, experiences, film, and TV.

1Park9 was conceived to build on the vision of its parent company to offer brand and entertainment clients holistic creative solutions backed by the talent that reflects the cross-cultural, cross-generational audiences of today; moreover, to meet the demands of where and how today’s audiences consume media, as Gen Z has all but determined the future of media is skewing towards social, digital, and streaming. 

Building on the ethos of 19th & Park, Co-Founders Tahira White and Whitney Headen set up 1Park9 to be more than just a provider of end-to-end production services; the new venture aims to break down barriers for emerging and underrepresented creators.

“Production has been a part of 19th & Park’s DNA from day one,” says White. “But five years into our journey, we’ve evolved into something bigger than a production unit executing campaigns; we are dreaming up the ideas behind them, working hand-in-hand with extraordinary talent to reshape the cultural narrative with a digitally-native mindset.”

Knowing production is not a one-size-fits-all operation, 1Park9 is fully equipped to handle projects from concept development and consulting, to full production execution and post-production. It is also poised to develop long-form storytelling with its first documentary set to launch later this year. 

“1Park9 is the business addition that increases the value of everything we do at 19th & Park,” says Headen. “Our direct-to-brand clients have access to full-service creative execution – and our first-ever exclusive roster of talent. 1Park9 is a new division of 19th & Park that has been a part of our brand identity from the beginning, and now, it has its own home as a standalone production partner to brands, in-house agencies, and entertainment partners.” 

Beyond empowering clients with production solutions tailored to their unique needs, White and Headen designed a production model that placed equal emphasis on creating breakthrough opportunities for the talent they work with. Answering that promise, they have signed a multidisciplinary roster of award-winning talent to break ground at 1Park9.


(clockwise from top left): Dana Scruggs, Gladimir Gelin, Okema T. Moore, Fred Daniels, and Matthew Ellis.

The inaugural roster reflects Black excellence across the worlds of photography, advertising, television, film, and art: Photographer/Director Dana Scruggs, recognized as the first Black person to photograph a cover for Rolling Stone, and the first Black female to shoot ESPN’s Body Issue; Emmy-nominated Producer and Director Okema T. Moore, recognized for developing content for the likes of Meta, Lifetime, Netflix, and Nickelodeon; renowned fashion and lifestyle Director/Photographer Gladimir Gelin; sports journalistic Director/Photographer Fred Daniels; and Photographer Matthew Ellis, who specializes in travel and photojournalism.

“I’m really excited about the talent we’ve assembled to carry on 19th & Park’s tradition of brokering new opportunities between emerging storytellers and major brand clients, and breaking down barriers for Black creators both behind the screen and on it in the process,” says White. “They each bring a unique worldview, accolades, and experience to back up the mastery of their respective craft.”

While 1Park9 is currently based on the East Coast, the company is positioned to execute all over the country and internationally with its extended network of talent, including showrunners, screenwriters, animators, editors, and glam.

“The traditional lifecycle of how content comes to be and who creates it is dying,” concludes Headen. “With that, cultural competence matters more than ever. 1Park9 is here to help brands and entertainment providers navigate and stay ahead of where the industry is headed, with premier talent and storytelling to back it up.” 

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