Time’s Up calls Bill Cosby’s release a travesty

Time’s Up calls Bill Cosby’s release from prison as a “travesty and an injustice” to the survivors who accused the comedian of sexual assault, and an “emotional trauma” to women at large.  The president and CEO of Time’s Up Tina Tchen released a statement today regarding The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Coby’s conviction … Continue reading “Time’s Up calls Bill Cosby’s release a travesty”

Trump impeachment lawyer helps free Bill Cosby

Today Bill Cosby was released from prison with the help of Trump’s impeachment lawyer, District Attorney Bruce Castor. The lawyer who played a pivotal role in Bill Cosby’s freedom has represented both Donald Trump and Bill Cosby; so it would seem that birds of a predatory feather flock together… In 2005 Montgomery County as Pennsylvania … Continue reading “Trump impeachment lawyer helps free Bill Cosby”

Serial rapist Bill Cosby released from prison today

Serial rapist, disgraced comedian, and actor Bill Cosby has been released from prison today.  Do we sound angry? The Reel 360 Team is. His conviction on three counts of aggravated indecent assault was overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, ending over two years of prison time of his three to 10-year sentence. The court cited … Continue reading “Serial rapist Bill Cosby released from prison today”

Bill Cosby’s 2018 conviction appeal approved

Bill Cosby will have his day in court as his 2018 conviction will be appealed. The actor has won the right to have two aspects of his case reexamined by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court: the judge’s decision to allow prosecutors to call five other accusers and to introduce evidence that he’d drugged women with quaaludes … Continue reading “Bill Cosby’s 2018 conviction appeal approved”

Bill Cosby removed from AAF Advertising Hall of Fame

Well, the puddin’ has clearly popped for disgraced comedian Bill Cosby. Fall out from last week’s guilty verdict for Cosby continues as he was first, removed from the Television Hall of Fame and now, Adweek is reporting that the American Advertising Federation has decided to remove the actor/comedian from its Hall of Fame. Cosby was … Continue reading “Bill Cosby removed from AAF Advertising Hall of Fame”

June 30 was a bad day for women

Bill Cosby is a free man and Britney Spears is still not a free woman. Why? Because in our society “boys will be boys,” while a woman’s trauma is continually ignored. Needless to say, the headlines that flooded the internet on Wednesday marked a perplexing and disturbing day for women, victims of abuse, and morality … Continue reading “June 30 was a bad day for women”

Allison Mack sentenced to three years for NXIVM role

38-year-old Smallville star Allison Mack has been sentenced to three years in prison for her role in NXIVM. Mack was one of Keith Raniere’s cult-like group members, recruiting women as sex slaves. She pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy and racketeering in 2019. Mack, best known for playing Chloe Sullivan on the Superman series, appeared in … Continue reading “Allison Mack sentenced to three years for NXIVM role”

Ruth Bader-Ginsburg was the original Wonder Woman

People often wonder what makes a ‘feminist’ a feminist? Some will say it’s simply, “wanting equal rights.” The question sounds so simple, yet quite the contrary when it comes to the history of the United States. One trailblazer showed us, what being a feminist really is. The same woman that made an impact that measures … Continue reading “Ruth Bader-Ginsburg was the original Wonder Woman”

Visa suspends any advertising featuring Morgan Freeman

Following sexual assault allegations by 16 women, Visa announced on Thursday that it was suspending its voice talent, actor Morgan Freeman from any of its marketing. This according to The Wrap. On Thursday, eight women told CNN that the actor made unwelcome remarks about their appearance or their clothing choices, and some reported he would … Continue reading “Visa suspends any advertising featuring Morgan Freeman”

Reel 360’s Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Hanukkah! And we are just around the corner from Christmas and Kwanza, so it’s that time of the year to offer up the Reel 360 / Reel Chicago Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide. To make your last minute holiday gift buying just a l’il bit easier, we’ve compiled an extensive list – and believe us … Continue reading “Reel 360’s Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide”