Zen & The Art Of Jaguar Racing

(New Jaguar work from Alldayeveryday)

Alldayeveryday and director Scott Zacaroli hit Virginia International Raceway with a scorching 575hp supercharged Jaguar and professional race car driver Canaan O’Connell for a new high energy spot. This is the latest in a series by Zacaroli for Jaguar featuring drivers describing their experiences behind the wheel of this storied performance brand.

In the piece, O’Connell describes the sensation of racing top speed: “It is a borderline meditative state. Everything else in life just melts away and all that matters is that moment.” High speed drone work from world champion drone racer Nurk brings the camera inches from the action.  Watch below:

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Director Scott Zacaroli is a former agency creative who moved into directing five years ago, and has directed TV commercials, brand films and documentaries for some of the world’s most prestigious brands.

Zacaroli’s combination of lush, cinematic imagery and emotional, unscripted storytelling deliver films that are as elevated as they are authentic. 

“I like to block out the shoot and detail the shot list, but always leave room for inspiration – for discovery and invention,” he explains. “With this film, the combination of the car’s completely raw performance and the driver’s Zen-like personality fascinated me. Shredding tires and ripping laps at incredible speed, but completely calm…relaxed.”

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Zacaroli’s work is both cinematic and genuine, combining real people and unscripted storylines, but always with stunningly art directed imagery.


Client: Jaguar USA

Senior National Advertising Specialist · ‎Jaguar Land Rover North America: Vin Iandimarino


  • Executive Producers: Michael Karbelnikoff, Arrow Kruse
  • Head Of Production: Tom O’Connell
  • Director: Scott Zacaroli
  • DP: Karl Schroder
  • Producer: Graham Redmond


Editor: Troy Mercury

Color: Company 3

Colorist: Kath Raish

Sound: Mr. Bronx

Audio Engineer: Dave Wolfe

Music: APM