Your neighbors have it in Facebook Marketplace campaign

(Courtesy Anomaly LA)

If there’s one thing Gen Z loves, it’s a good deal. From praising budget airlines to sharing cost-cutting hacks on TikTok, any opportunity to cut spending has become more than welcome. As a result, Facebook Marketplace has emerged as a hub for that generation especially, allowing neighbors to help neighbors by reselling and buying everything from clothing to home decor to fitness equipment.

Plus, people have made new connections and fueled their creativity in the process.

To showcase the e-commerce platform’s necessity at this specific moment in time, Anomaly has introduced this new multimedia campaign called “Your Neighbors Have It.” The campaign shares true stories of real people’s experiences with Facebook Marketplace, featuring boyfriends who met when one bought a coffee table from the other, a young man who was able to furnish most of his apartment with only $15, and another who found a passion for photography after buying his first camera on the e-commerce platform. Look at some of the work below:


“There’s just something thrilling about finding not only a bargain from a neighbor…but the stories that come along with it”, said Daniel Chen, Creative Director at Anomaly LA. “It’s something you only get from Marketplace and we really tapped into that simple truth. We found real Marketplace users with real Marketplace stories, using their voices to bring their stories to life in a way that felt true to them. Whether they were wacky, poignant, charming – we wanted them to resonate with the treasure-seeker in all of us and the delight of giving something new life.”

“From flaunting newfound skills online to making authentic relationships in real life, we wanted this campaign to reflect authentic content on Facebook – and how it translates to in-person connections,” adds Naz Nazli, Creative Director at Meta. “Facebook, at its core, helps people make and maintain connections. Facebook Marketplace epitomizes that mission, and this campaign highlights that.” 

The campaign consists of two series, including the stories previously mentioned, as well as videos starring influencers Ricotaquito, Ezee, and April Lockhart as they buy different items from real sellers.


CLIENT: Facebook

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