“Why the Sheetz not?” asks Sheetz’ bold+hilarious campaign

(Courtesy JOAN Creative)

A new campaign via agency JOAN Creative takes viewers on a comical journey through the aisles and offerings of convenience store chain Sheetz.

The spots are a part of a new brand tagline, ‘Why The Sheetz Not?’ that encourages customers to take advantage of the many features their app and company offers, from self-checkout to fresh food.

Produced by JOAN Studios and directed by Nina Lee, the spots feature signature original music, sound design and mix by Sonic Union to support the hilarious and irreverent content. 

One of the spots follows a woman through the relatable realities of buying prophylactics at your friendly neighborhood convenience store. She is petrified at the idea of having to make human interaction when she suddenly remembers the Sheetz handy mobile checkout app that allows you to scan an item and walk right out of the store, no embarrassing encounters required. “Use the “Sheetz Go’ app to scan and go, and walk right out that door with all your condoms,” says the humourous voiceover.  Watch below:

In another spot, a man is shown proudly enjoying his custom-created sandwich from Sheetz when his inner monologue begins to question another possible creation he could have crafted as well. The voiceover reminds him of a recent vasectomy he might want to reconsider, “Yes, kids are noisy, smell weird, but if you can create this custom sandwich at Sheetz, what kinds of kids would you create? Mmm. Undo the vasectomy. Why the Sheetz not?”

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There are three other spots in the campaign.


CLIENT: Sheetz

  • Senior Creative Manager: Tammy Dunkley
  • Creative Manager: Zack Sheffield


  • CEO: Lisa Clunie
  • CCO: Jaime Robinson
  • CFO: Renee Jennings
  • CD: Michael Stone
  • ACD / Copy: Jesse Stanton
  • Senior Art Director: Natalie Fiacco
  • Designer: Kirk Damer
  • Head of Strategy: Chris Turney
  • Strategy Director: Ricardo Muñoz
  • Managing Director: Sarah Collinson
  • Group Account Director: Mike Reuter
  • Account Director: Rebecca Malley
  • Project Manager: Diana Matthews
  • Creative Coordinator: Alexander Payson
  • Head of Production | JOAN Creative, Cheri Anderson
  • Managing Director | JOAN Studios, Cheri Anderson
  • Senior Producer: Emily Robbins 
  • Director Of Creative Services: Becca Patrick


  • Director: Nina Lee
  • Service Company: Group Thrpy
  • Line Producer: Trevor Allen
  • Photographer: Marcus Nilsson
  • Line Producer: Josette Lata + Rida Chin


  • Post Producer: Eric Davies
  • Editor: Dave Otte, Cosmo Street Editorial
  • Assistant Editor: Ryan Hennessy
  • Producer: Jasmine Henry


  • Sound Designer & Mix Engineer: David Papa
  • Producer: Gina Petrarca
  • Executive Creative Producer: Halle Petro
  • Music Supervisor/Music Producer: Justin Morris

COLOR: Ntropic

  • Colorist: Ayumi Ashley
  • Producer: Will Mok
  • Animation: Jessica Tong
  • Font Designer: Timothy Goodman
  • Fontographer: James Montalbano

MEDIA AGENCY: Harmelin Media Company

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