Agency buys 100 acres on Mars for client holiday card


Say what?

According to a statement, Pittsburgh-based creative agency Where Eagles Dare has surprised its clients and friends this holiday season by purchasing 100 acres on Mars as an unexpected, out-of-this-world gift.

Guess a bridge in Brooklyn would have been too expected. Swamp land anyone?

We jest. The REEL360 team actually thinks this is a pretty cool unexpected gift.

Apparently, the letterpress holiday card is just the first step in a fun multi-channel experience that invites recipients to claim their spot on the Frank’s Space Farm: MISSION EAGLx by calling 1.855.GO2MARZ and following @franksspacefarm on Instagram.

After calling the toll-free number callers are greeted by an elaborate, authentic and humorous voicemail phone tree that lets them: claim their spot on the farm; choose complimentary upgrades (like your own protocol droid in the personas of the agency team and an extensive food and beverage menu); learn about the otherworldly amenities; comply with farm philosophy and connect with a Franks Space Farm representative.

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 7.43.56 PM

You are then invited to claim a half-acre habitat on Franks Space Farm circa 2069 located at Area 1-A, Quadrant Alpha, 8 degrees south of Olympus Beta and just due north of the Aram Chaos, where it will be recorded in the Lunar Land Registry.

Finally listeners are offered an advance listen to the agency’s custom-made Space Jams playlist via a Spotify QR code.

Where Eagles Dare ECD Brian Franks had this to say, “We laughed a lot during the two weeks spent working on this passion project and had so much fun. It was the perfect way to end an amazing year. The best part was that there were no boundaries – everyone wrote their own droid parts, submitted designs and ideas beyond their everyday expertise.”

The ECD went onto say that the farm even has “out-of-this-world” amenities like your own personal party portal to the universe, a custom-designed habitat with space age-era architectural flourishes centrally located in a covetable crater camp with 24-hour access to the Terradome 1X.

Franks added, “The entire process was very collaborative and hands on. We experimented with many Robot voices and learned a lot about Mars, space travel and ourselves. The team now has an advanced degree in Phone Tree Voicemail Management (which is much harder than it sounds) and we can’t stop listening to the Space Jams playlist (it’s one for the ages).”

Once farmers claim their habitats, they’ll receive an Instagram Story confirming their participation and recording their spot @franksspacefarm on Instagram.

An excited Franks added his real motivation behind the farm, “I’m finally one step closer to fulfilling my inner-6-year-old dream of becoming a real life astronaut.”

Good luck, Brian!

Franks Space Farm:
   Brian Franks, Founder // Executive Creative Director
   Zam Cadden, Creative Director // Music Supervisor
   Colby Vagley, Project Manager
   Sarah Karwoski, Senior Graphic Designer
   Jamie Simoni, Social Media Manager
   Melanie Cox, Copywriter
   Alex Berdis, Graphic Designer // Motion Designer

Source: KBPR