We say, “Shazam!” to Babs Butcher’s cosplay talent

(Babs Butcher has been cosplaying since 2016)

Editor’s Note: Reel 360 has always been dedicated to and inspired by creators. From filmmakers to advertising creatives to writers to musicians to producers to editors and more, we celebrate great work. Period. Now we have entered the world of cosplay.

Meet Babs Butcher. If that ain’t a comic book ready name, we don’t know what one is. Babs is an east coast cosplayer and performer most commonly known for her Wasp cosplay and makeup transformations.  When not making superheroes come to life at conventions or photoshoots, she is creating fun video and podcast content. 

We had a chance to sit down with the East Coaster and find out more.

Babs, has anyone ever told you have a perfect comic book character name?

No, but I love that! I really am Babs, but Butcher is my zombie apocalypse name I came up with the last name while playing a zombie.

How did you discover cosplaying?

I was invited to join friends at New York Comic Con 2016 and it was like finally finding where I belonged.

Why do you cosplay?

Cosplay is a perfect blend of my passions for comics, movies, TV, theater, costumes, makeup, and performance. It keeps me focused, happy, creative, and productive while bringing joy to others.

What was your first cosplay costume?

Black Widow was my first cosplay at NYCC 2016.

Do you prefer sewing, armor making or wig working?

I’m strongest with sewing, working on armor making, and very basic with wig working, but I enjoy learning and improving on all of these crafts.

Who are your five favorite characters to dress as?

Wasp, Captain Marvel, Shazam, Captain Peggy Carter, Colossus.

Tell us about your first ‘Con.

New York Comic Con 2016 was a whirlwind and akin to walking through the wardrobe into Narnia. I was surrounded by people I wish I knew growing up – people who unabashedly share joy over characters they love. There was no going back to trying to be “normal” ever again.

If someone told you they hated your cosplay, how would you respond?

I’d say “…Mom?” Just kidding (though that does make me laugh to write in comments) – I’d just smile and say “Okay!” It really doesn’t bother me, and it’s just a manifestation of their inner pain or fear. Nothing to do with me.

Do you prefer to work alone or with others?

Both! Sometimes it’s a lonely hobby, especially in a pandemic, but whether you’re alone or with others, you must always bring joy and professionalism to your projects.

Babs, give us a Cosplay pet peeve?

You never realize what an awesome job you did until much later. Then you realize you were much too critical of yourself then and should have been kinder.

Most challenging costume (or costume you’re afraid to try).

Let me imagine the most challenging cosplay… it would be one that’s bald, very armored, lots of makeup, crazy contacts… wow I’m describing Nebula (Guardians of the Galaxy). Big props to all Nebula cosplayers!

Being from Philly we love your Shazam! Why do you love Shazam, Babs?!

Oh my gosh, thank you so much! This is why I love a character like Shazam: ask a room of people to dance crazy then strike a “cool” pose at the end. Their smile drops, they become stiff and intimidating – which really just looks mean and unapproachable.

Our perception of “cool” is way off – the coolest of people keep dancing like a maniac because that actually takes more courage and confidence. That’s what being Shazam does for me.

Horror Cosplay Story.

I split the pants of my Wasp and a lovely mom had to sew up my buttcrack in the bathroom…

Funniest Cosplay Story.

I challenged the great @fire_forged_cosplay to a dance off with my famous Goblin Face Twerk (captured by the amazing @kevinthedirector). All of my favorite funny cosplay stories feature Brandon (@fire_forged_cosplay) – follow him!

Top 3 crafting tips

  1. Spray paint for faux flowers is made to be flexible – rarely chips or cracks.
  2. Put your BARGE contact cement into squeezable sauce bottles.
  3. Thick foam interfacing is a completely underrated material for sewable armor/muscle definition

#Restorethesnyderverse or let it die?

Proceed forward with films without needing to doxx what came before it.

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