‘South Park’ is asking America to cancel ‘South Park’


You read the headline right. South Park is urging the cancellation of itself.


According to Entertainment Weekly, the hit Comedy Central animated series has launched an advertising campaign demanding that it be sent to TV Heaven. Or in its case, the other place. With Chef.

Hashtag campaigns revolving around a TV show’s life or death usually come from fans encouraging networks to save their favorite programs. But Comedy Central’s South Park has taken the hashtag effort to a new level. Its official Twitter feed is both promoting the return of the show and circulating the hashtag #cancelsouthpark.

On Wednesday, the show tweeted a short video declaring that “America has reached a crossroads,” and asking, “What will we do next?” before sharing the hashtag.

The official South Park Twitter feed has been enthusiastically egging on fans to put the series — which has been on the air since the last century — out of its misery.

“At least Matt and Trey are finally being honest and hope that they #cancelsouthpark so they can move on!” wrote one fan of the show’s creators Matt Parker and Trey Stone. “Thank you,” replied the account along with tune-in info.

South Park returns, not canceled, on Sept. 26.