Clumpy, dumpy, frumpy and Trumpy


If we could change REEL AD OF THE WEEK to REEL BAD OF THE WEEK, the REEL360 team would.

From the files of, “What the fuq were they thinking” comes The Trumpy Bear.

Yes, it’s real. The Trumpy Bear.

Apparently, the bear has been available for a year, but it’s getting another push just in time for holiday gifts with a new media blitz. It is by far the strangest spot the REEL360 team has seen in a long time and feels more like an SNL skit. If it were an SNL skit, we’d be more apt to laugh.

Instead, we cringe. Watch below:

How about that? It’s like watching a train wreck. Or like watching “girl fight” in a fast food restaurant. Or getting poked in the eyes with hot poker. In this case, I wish someone had poked us in the eyes with the poker.

The REEL360 team could not find who or what filmed this 2-minute long… we don’t know what to call it.

Forget Barbie. Forget Buzz Lightyear. Forget Marvel action figures, parents.

Go Trumpy.

As his namesake has tweeted on countless occasions, the only reaction the team has to this ad is…