Jean Grey goes Dark in first official ‘X-men’ trailer

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Disney-Fox merger what? Kevin Feige who?

Despite the upcoming merger, which is supposed to be finalized by next Summer, Twentieth Century Fox continues its Marvel’s X-men films as business as usual.

After announcing the the long-delayed Gabmit will be a romantic comedy and giving the third Deadpool film an X-mas release, the studio has released its long-awaited trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix – the next (and potentially last) chapter in Fox’s long-running saga.!

It appears that Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) has made a grave mistake while handling a young Jean Grey
(Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner) as he seemingly opted to once again suppress her dormant Phoenix abilities instead of teaching her how to control the über-powerful force.

While the trailer may be light on actual Dark Phoenix action save for a quick shot near the end, there’s still plenty of intense footage of all of your favorite (except Jennifer Lawrence’s tired portrayal of Mystique) returning X-Men as they band together to face arguably their most dangerous – and most personal – threat yet.

There is also a nifty poster to boot!

X-Men are back

Here’s the skinny on thee film:

Jean Grey begins to develop incredible powers that corrupt and turn her into a Dark Phoenix. Now the X-Men will have to decide if the life of a team member is worth more than all the people living in the world.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix features:
Director: Simon Kinberg
James McAvoy as Charles Xavier/Professor X
Michael Fassbender as Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto
Jennifer Lawrence as Raven Darkhölme/Mystique
Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy/Beast
Tye Sheridan as Scott Summers/Cyclops
Sophie Turner as Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix
Alexandra Shipp as Ororo Munroe/Storm
Kodi Smit-McPhee as Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler
Evan Peters as Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver
Olivia Munn as Elizabeth Braddock/Psylocke
Jessica Chastain in an undisclosed role
Daniel Cudmore in an undisclosed role
Lamar Johnson in an undisclosed role

X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits theaters February 14. Reel360 is curious…