TIAA, WNBA & NCAA Elite join forces for equality


On average, women earn $0.82 on the dollar compared to men and are more likely to have life events that create gaps in income. On top of this, women retire on average two years earlier than men but live about five years longer. Now let that sink in. This according to TIAA (The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America-College Retirement Equities Fund).

This topic has never been more important or more relevant as March marks NCAA March Madness (which sparked a national conversation around inequalities in athletics last year, thanks to voices like Sedona Prince’s), International Women’s Day, and we embark on the 50th anniversary of Title IX.

But here’s the datapoint kicker: Women retire with a staggering 30 percent less retirement income than men. 

To spotlight this retirement gap conversation, TIAA, a leading provider of secure retirements, has launched the #RetireInequality movement alongside influential women in the WNBA and NCAA, as well as celebrities and gender equality advocates. To start, TIAA has linked arms with: 

Watch the spot below:

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These women are sharing their personal stories, with the goal of raising awareness and inspiring everyone to work together to close the gap and #RetireInequality for good. Additionally, TIAA is now the signature sponsor of  The Equity Project™, an initiative powered by the Women’s Sports Foundation (founded by Billie Jean King).  

To seal the deal, TIAA will also be marking this moment with a custom-designed symbol to signify the progress made so far and the work that still needs to be done. The mark represents passion, power, and pride in standing alongside the millions of women fighting to be the change so the U.S. can finally realize the full promise of gender equality. 

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