The Simpsons’ tease re-election of Donald Trump

The Simpsons are at it again. The long-running animated series took on the 2020 presidential election and the past four years under POTUS President Donald J. Trump in the teaser for its upcoming Treehouse of Horror episode.

The trailer begins with Homer Simpson rushing to fill his ballot. But right before he can turn it in, he reaches an impasse.

“I know who I want for all the judges and propositions, but president – that’s a stumper. Can I write in Judge Judy?” he asks.

Before writing in the television personality, a mask-wearing Lisa Simpson steps into her indecisive father’s voting booth, hoping to inform his decision for president.

After briefly thinking about the 2018 Oscars Envelopegate fiasco, Homer sees a credit-style list compiling most of President Donald Trump’s most detrimental moments, comments and actions scroll right in front of his eyes.

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The list includes a number of issues ranging from “Called Mexicans Rapists” to “Gutted the EPA.” Upon seeing the extensive list, Homer notes that some actions were bad and others were worse. As the list continues to roll, Homer realizes he has the power to elect new leadership. he responds with, “Yikes, I got to do something,” as dramatic music begins to play. Watch the trailer here:

Finally, Homer puts his pen to the ballot and marks his candidate…

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Treehouse of Horror XXXI, the series’ annual Halloween special, will air on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.