The Richards Group steps into the heat to film Hope Rises

Hope Rises
Hope Rises: Rebuilding Greenville, CA

The Dixie Fire — one of the largest, most destructive wildfires in California’s history — reduced towns, homes, and lives to ashes. And yet, hope remains.

In that spirit, Hope Rises is an organized effort to help rebuild the community and town of Greenville, California and the surrounding communities of Plumas County that were destroyed by the fires.

The effort is the work of The Richards Group which delivered strategy, creative, and in-house production, and partnered with Camp Lucky to provide post production services for the centerpiece PSA.

The Richards Group’s involvement with developing the initiative was inspired by agency creative writer Jay Cook, who is originally from Greenville and witnessed her close-knit town devastated by wildfire. Rallying around the community, The Richards Group’s production team traveled to California while the fires were still underway and worked with local authorities on safe ways to shoot the videos and produce the content. Camp Lucky was honored to lend support with editorial, color, graphics and sound design & mix for the powerful call to action. 

VISIT HERE to watch the film and donate.


Paul Nelson & Ben Winter


Glenn Dady, Chief Executive Officer

Sue Batterton, Chief Creative Officer

Sean Donovan, Chief Innovation Officer

Chris Ferrel, Chief Strategy Officer

Paul Nelson, Head of TRG Studios

Cassie Greenwald, Senior Producer

Sara Sax, Director, Business Affairs

Kerstin Fredrickson, Business Affairs, Print

Corey Austin, Head of Creative Technology

Danny Bryan, Group Creative Director

Arthur Stewart, Brand Creative, Art Director

Sam Langford, Brand Creative, Art Director

Jay Cook, Brand Creative, Writer

Whitney Plonka, Brand Management  


Tammie Kleinmann, Partner

Jessica Berry, Executive Producer

Kendall Kendall & Jennifer Brannon, Post Producer

Marc Stone, Senior Editor

Neil Anderson, Colorist

Mark Sullivan & Tim Nagle, Flame Artist

Seth Olson, Graphics

Matt Cimino, Sound Design/Mix

Jake Odgers & Matt Fritsche, Assistant Editor


Adam Elk, Partner

B Muñoz, Head of Production 

John “Scrapper” Sneider, Partner 

Kari Steinert, Composer