The New Blank delivers graphics for VENN

(New gaming network VENN teams turns to New Blank for graphics)

VENN is the new live 24/7 network for gaming, streaming, e-sports and original programming. The new entity recently teamed up with post house The New Blank  to create a dynamic graphic package and intelligent overlays.

Utilizing Singular.Live and the Dare Package and Grey Area, the close integration of the design and technology teams enabled a seamless production that ventures into a wild new frontier in live graphics.

“Understanding the urgent need for at-home entertainment, we decided to ramp up the launch of VENN and this required an ongoing partner that was creative, reliable, and trusted,” explains VENN Associate Producer Ryan Dolinsky. “The New Blank quickly demonstrated their dedication and creative thinking; They sought out early conversations with Singular saving immense time through gaining expert advice on how to design for our unique live experience.”

The New Blank’s passion for game culture runs deep. TNB’s Executive Director of Client Partnerships, Erin Serletic, draws from deep experience in design and gaming to identify opportunities that leverage the team’s affinity for video games. TNB’s enthusiasm for this ever-expanding and influential genre only intensifies when a collaborator like VENN leans into emerging technology to ingeniously showcase its programming.

“We have a voracious appetite for broadcast design, learning new tech, and gaming,” comments TNB’s Executive Creative Director and Co-Founder, Sevrin Daniels. “VENN is pushing boundaries, and Singular is running full throttle, pioneering the future of what live broadcast means. This is where we want to play, and these guys have the best toys on the playground.”

In this VENN virtual set, practically everything you see – the neon lights, monitors, graphics, and concrete wall all created as design elements by The New Blank using Singular.

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“We are a shop of long-time gamers so we were pretty excited when VENN approached us with the opportunity to work on this groundbreaking network, specifically hitting that sweet spot of our interests,” agrees TNB’s Executive Creative Director and Co-Founder, Bobby Hougham. “Not to mention the nerd-joy we feel when we find projects that hit the nexus of graphic design and new technologies.”

Designing for networks is an integral part of TNB’s expertise, but this project added an interesting element – live graphics. Working hand-in-hand with Singular.Live’s team of leading experts, The New Blank was able to design and animate customizable, scalable graphics packages from a single piece of key art.

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“Singular.Live’s Intelligent Overlays are defining the future of live graphics, but this future is built in collaboration with design teams and networks who use our technology to bring their creative visions to life,” shares Andrew Heimbold, CEO of Singular. “The New Blank was intent on understanding how to design with Singular and it created a robust back-and-forth process on behalf of innovative network VENN.”

SOURCE: The New Blank