The Italian TV Festival returns live to LA this October, November

(Valentina Martelli)

The Italian TV Festival,  ITTV, returns to Los Angeles October 30 through November 2, 2021, preceded by a series of events that took place during the 2021 Venice International Film Festival. Festival events will take place at various locations throughout the city including NeueHouse Hollywood, Terra at Eataly, and Little Italy in San Pedro.

This year’s festival will feature a focus on writing for television series, animation, and locations. The slate of compelling events includes a day of special preview screenings of top Italian television series from Fremantle, Sky, RAI, Fiction, Rai Ragazzi, and Rainbow.

Additionally, the public is invited to attend a screening event of television series and short films dedicated to young people on Saturday, October 30 in Little Italy in San Pedro, CA. The festival will conclude with a red carpet, awards ceremony, and follow with a reception at Terra, the Eataly group’s premiere rooftop restaurant on November 2.

ITTV was created and produced by Good Girls Planet founders Valentina Martelli (CEO), Cristina Scognamillo, and Francesca Scorcucchi, alongside Marco Testa Los Angeles. A one-of-a-kind festival and hub for ideas, partnerships, and productions that brings people together to collaborate. ITTV celebrates Italian excellence in television with engaging format featuring exclusive previews and screenings, panels, networking, and more.

The festival has gained the attention of several US and Italian media outlets and publications, and recently announced a media partnership with the Los Angeles Times that will aim to help expand the visibility of Italian productions in the US.

“The goal of ITTV is to promote the internationalization of the ‘Italian System,’” says Valentina Martelli, ITTV’s co-founder. “ITTV offers unique opportunities to encourage and establish operational cooperation with international productions, fostering new relationships for producers, distributors, film commissions, while also promoting opportunities for Italian cities, regions, Italian tourism, specialized banks, and Italian companies to establish their brands across the world.”

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ITTV launched in September 2019 with a highly successful premiere event with Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino and Sky Italy original director Nils Hartman receiving the first edition of the ITTV Award, a statue titled (H)AND… the Winner is, by Italian artist Fidia Falaschetti. Additional event guests included Jared Harris, Stefania Spampinato, Moran Atias, Francesco Bauco, and Logan Browning. The second edition of the award was presented the following year in Venice, Italy, during the Venice International Film Festival, where producer Martha De Laurentis and renowned actor Mads Mikkelsen were honored.

The ITTV AWARD 2021 will again be presented in Los Angeles on November 2.