SToK Cold Brew Coffee gets hyped with Lil Jon

Lil Jon SToK Cold Brew

New Hype Video from SToK and
performed by Lil Jon
offers personalization –
Pumping People Up
for Whatever Comes
Their Way


Consider the Reel360team hyped!

SToK, creators of cold brew coffee, has introduced the SToK Hype Experience, a personalized hype-music video that enlists Grammy Award-winning rapper and the King of Hype—Lil Jon—to get people pumped!

Fallon, creative AOR for SToK, partnered with PRETTYBIRD director fourclops and the digital storytelling crew at Particle3 to create the hyped-up interactive music video experience.

The coffee-nated SToK experience starts at where you can check out Lil Jon’s exclusive hype-music video. And here is where it gets personal. That’s right, this customizable experience allows you to insert your own name and activities—curating your own personal hype-music video, whether you’re going to work or to #werrrk.

“I’ve gotten people hyped my whole career,” said Lil Jon. “It’s cool to be partnering with a brand that wants to motivate and energize folks…especially in such an epic way!” Take a look at 1:06 minute video below:

“At SToK, we never take ourselves too seriously,” said SToK Director of Marketing Lindsey Morgan. “We craft cold brew coffee that’s not only deliciously smooth but also inspires motivation to pump up the day. Lil Jon is the perfect partner for us to bring the hype!”

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“Fallon has been developing SToK’s identity as the most motivating brand out there, and what’s more motivating than your very own Lil Jon hype song?” said Fallon Executive Creative Director Patrick Figueroa. “I guarantee that once you make one, you’ll finally succeed at all of life’s tasks, from spreadsheets and feeding the cat to getting your dream job.”

Get SToK’d with the personalized hype-music video experience, available at here, and join the conversation using #stokyourself.

Somebody, please pass the SToK Cold Brew!

Client – SToK Cold Brew
   President, Plant-Based Food & Beverages and Coffee    Creamers & Beverages, Danone North America: Carlos Veraza
   VP Consumer Engagement & Design: Dan Hamilton
   Marketing Director: Lindsey Morgan
   Director, Consumer Engagement: Sam Gansebom
   Associate Brand Manager: Jessica Holland
   Integrated Marketing Manager: Gretchen Offenhauser
   Integrated Marketing Associate Manager: Emily Schell
   Integrated Marketing Specialist: Marie Catallo
   External Communications, Senior Manager: Nancy Fishgold

AGENCY: Fallon Minneapolis
   Chief Executive Officer: Mike Buchner
   Managing Director: Rocky Novak
   Executive Creative Director: Patrick Figueroa
   Art Director: Boris Opacic
   Art Director: Matt Terrell
   Copywriter: Zack Carlstrom
   Designer: Matt Curtis
   Head of Integrated Production: Pat Sidoti
   Producer: Patrick Gantert
   Sr. Business Affairs Manager: Brendan Lawrence
   Director of Strategy: Julianna Simon
   Group Planning Director: Chad Koehnen
   Director of Digital: Greg Swan
   Associate Director of Digital: Carter Jensen
   Group Account Director: Jordan Hoffarber
   Account Director: Suzy Langdell

PRODUCTION: Prettybird
   Director: fourclops
   Co-Founder/Executive Producer: Kerstin Emhoff
   Vice-President/Executive Producer: Ali Brown
   Executive Producer: Derek Richmond
   Line Producer: Alana Mitnick
   Director of Photography: Kevin Phillips
   Production Designer: Chris Schmitt
   Costume Designer: Haley McCune

   Managing Director: Filip Kiisk
   Producer: Sabrina Harrison
   Editor: Marcus Kullgren
   Colorist: Vincent Taylor
   VFX Supervisor: Petter Lindholm
   2D Artists: Simon Backlund, Felix Thedeby, Petter Lindholm
   3D Artists: Martin Tornestedt, Mike Townshend, Guilherme Todorov, Tulio Inoue

TEASERS POST PRODUCTION: Charm School/Volt Studios

Charm School
   Director of Charm School Production: Julie Ruddy
   Editor: Steven George
   Producer: Patrick Gantert

   Flame Artist: Pete Olson
   Executive Producer: Amanda Tibbits
   Producer: Kat Naden

   Interactive Director: fourclops

Digital Production: Particle3
   Executive Producer: Lihu Roter
   Account Manager: Dania Tatanaki
   Interactive Producer and UX: Gal Shaya
   Digital Producer: Efrat Kariv
   Lead Developer: Tal Dinovich
   Front-end Developer: Denis Dariamov
   IT and Security: Vadim Toptunov

Voice Synth Technology: VocaliD
   CEO: Rupal Patel
   VP, Research & Technology: Geoff Meltzner
   VP, Engineering: James Piechota
   Speech Technologist: Markus Toman
   Software Developer: Stephen Rife, Eric Franzen

   Engineers: Dan Kramer/Dan Jensen
   Executive Producer: Annie Sparrows

   Partner: Adam Elk

Source: SToK