Smashburger celebrates foodies who “smashed it”

Leading fast food chain, Smashburger is partnering with AOR Partners + Napier to launch an integrated brand campaign that drives burger foodies to think of Smashburger when cravings hit.

“Smashed It!” reaches burger foodies through online video, digital display, social media, paid search, radio and out-of-home advertising to break through daily routines, incentivize visits to Smashburger, satisfy the desire to share craveable experiences and then remind burger foodies of that satisfying burger experience—driving repeat purchase and brand loyalty.

The new tagline, “Every bite a better burger,” was inspired by the high quality ingredients, culinary technique and meticulous care put into every Smashburger product, from its 100 percent certified angus beef burgers that are seasoned and smashed on a hot grill to seal in juiciness, to its hand-tossed Rosemary drizzled fries, to its hand-spun Haagen-Dazs milkshakes and everything in between.

Smashburger’s new campaign invites burger foodies who have “Smashed It!” in their everyday accomplishments to celebrate with their favorite Smashburger sandwich. Partners + Napier’s creative work features burger foodies in relatable moments such as making it through 42 mins of intermittent fasting or convincing their coworkers that they actually did work from home. Watch below:

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“Smashburger sources occasions from both the Fast Casual and QSR burger segments, and we have an opportunity to uniquely differentiate against brands in both categories by highlighting our unmatched commitment to flavor,” said Scott Johnson, VP, Head of Marketing at Smashburger. “With this campaign, we’re bringing new energy and personality to our brand to connect with both current and new customers in a whole new way.”

“The word ‘smash’ elicits emotion. It’s fun, active and energetic—but it’s in no way frivolous,” added Rob Kottkamp, Chief Creative Officer of Partners + Napier. “The namesake technique is responsible for locking in better flavor, and we’re using it to show that there is nothing more satisfying than a smash.”   

The campaign, launched nationwide yesterday.


  • Rob Kottkamp, Chief Creative Officer 
  • Scott Allen, Creative DIrector 
  • PJ Galgay, Associate Creative Director/Writer 
  • Rob Warchol, Senior Art Director 
  • Max Brown, Senior Art Director 
  • JP Smith, Senior Production Artist 
  • Matt Spaul, Director / Editor 
  • Parker Bement, Cinematographer 
  • Matt Ebent, 3D and Motion Graphics
  • Geoff Harris, Marketing Technologist 
  • Shane Morris, Creative Technologist 
  • Melissa Smith, Project Manager
  • Jeff Zielinski, Production Supervisor
  • Nikki Howze, Agency Producer  
  • Julia Benson, Senior Account Executive
  • Lisa Fetkenhour, Account Director 
  • Jordan Murphy, VP/Group Media Director 
  • Matt Nespoli, Director of Media 
  • Erica Erksine, Digital Media Manager 

SOURCE: Partners + Napier