SixTwentySix directors Miles&AJ team with OneRepublic on new “Someday” video

(OneRepublic performs Someday)

Ocean and sky serve as the architectural nature set up in OneRepublic’s brand new music video Someday. A SixTwentySix Productions and Miles & AJ production, the band’s newest music video was directed by Miles Cable and made in collaboration with co-directing partner Isaac Rentz.

Debuting today, August 27th, the video coincides with the pop-rock band’s release of its fifth studio album, Human,  which had been previously delayed from its May due date because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Working on this video with OneRepublic was a wild ride,” shares director Miles Cable. “It all started with a concept that AJ and I wrote to take us to Alaska, but one thing led to another and the creative had to be shifted with minimal time on the clock. We went back to the drawing board and reworked the concept to live around the unknown coastal destination we see now.”

This poetic, documentary-style music video is a live look at OneRepublic bandmates Ryan Tedder, Zach Filkins, Drew Brown, Brent Kutzle, Eddie Fisher, and Brian Willett simply being themselves in a new space. It’s a light and authentic journey as they make their way through various natural and civilized areas and landscapes.

From the ocean’s docks to the boat and hills, to the band’s final performance high above the ocean, the lyrics and sound direct the story being told. The film focuses on imagery while utilizing Ryan’s performance as the narration. Interior performances are juxtaposed against the stunning landscapes. Watch below:

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Behind the Scenes

To get the video’s look, Miles Cable and Issac Rentz shot the video on the Arri LF paired with some MasterBuilt Soft Flares. By capturing and incorporating both still and moving moments of the band together by the docks just hanging out, participating in casual conversations, and performing, Cable and Rentz show the strong connection and tight bond the guys all have from their time together over the years, apart and together. 

Miles Cable

“This project had a balance of some remote directors, multiple days of shootings, locations with no service, and shooting boat-to-boat,” says Cable. The citizens in the video also help tell the song’s story – the person grabbing coffee, the woman walking her dog, the fishermen preparing the boat for the day’s catch, the shuttered bar with a closed sign in the window, a grandson fishing off a footbridge – all have a role.  

Viewers get to watch the band wander through without a destination, enjoying the moment they are currently in. The co-directors focus on the imagery while utilizing Ryan’s performance as the narration to the interior performances that are juxtaposed against the stunning landscape. The assorted, contrasting shots support in delivering an undeniable sense of truth to a song with a profound message of love and life. 

“Thankfully everything went so smoothly with the team we had – from our DP Andrea Gavazzi, our directing partner Isaac Rentz, and of course our 1AD Bashir Taylor,” adds Cable

“Between Ryan and the band, and Jared, our commissioner, their team was so great to collaborate with. Every creative idea that was brought to the table, they were super down for and really trusted our process.  It was an exciting adventure! In the end, though, the whole team really made it happen and we are all so stoked on the final product. Even post was smooth with minimal notes on each pass, and everyone was really digging on the visuals paired with the song,” Cable shared.