Shriekfest: 66 films to screen over 4 days of terror

(21st annual event announced all films)

Get ready to be skurred. The 21st Annual Shriekfest Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival will once again present the finest in curated independent cinema from around the globe, selected from submissions that came in everywhere from the United Kingdom to Texas; from Connecticut to New Zealand.

Live. Not virtual, live.

From the opening night screening of the California premiere of Witness Infection to the shorts from Canada and Australia, and finally to the West Coast Premiere of Stalker and Terror Eyes. The 21st Annual Shriekfest Horror/SciFi Film Festival has worked hard to present a festival as diverse as the fans of the Los Angeles city itself.

American independent films are also well represented this year, on Saturday, October 2nd –the U.S PREMIERE of Redwood Massacre-Annihilation (Danielle Harris), as well as Ten Minutes to Midnight (Caroline Williams).   We can’t leave out the WEST COAST PREMIERE of The Unborn.

Not to mention there is a fabulous selection of short films. Movies like Polter , Face your Fears, Room 566, The Other Side, Widow’s Deep, Swipe, and the clever SEEK challenge the viewers with provocative, well crafted original stories.

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Once again Shriekfest Film Festival exceeds at challenging the idea of what a horror film festival should screen, with eclectic selections (Milk Teeth), to science fiction (Nemesis), comedy (The Axe & the Iron), and even the disturbing (Selfie).

Entrance to Shriekfest Film Festival 2021 is $10.00 per block, an All-Fest Pass, good for all four days of the festival, is now available on our website, for just $120.00, this pass includes the opening night party and guaranteed entrance to all films/Q&A’s.

Stay with Reel 360 as we cover the fun and entertaining four-day event.