Sheba reserves fine dining for cats

(New international campaign for Sheba)

Sheba brand is launching its new creative advertising campaign titled, ‘Reserved For Cats,’ to promote the brand’s new Sheba Perfect Portions line Bistro product line. The campaign comes to life with rich visual elements meant to evoke a fine dining experience just for cats.

Developed by AMV BBDO, the creative was inspired by the delectable recipes available in the Perfect Portions Bistro product line, which offer a premium culinary experience for cats. 

“The new Sheba Perfect Portions Bistro ‘Reserved for Cats’ campaign brings cats into the world of fine dining with the brand’s new premium recipes,” said Craig Neely, vice president of marketing at Mars Petcare. “The creative marries imagery of restaurant quality food with a sense of ‘occasion,’ to show cat parents there is a new way to give into your cat.”

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Cat parents use their culinary sensibility to evaluate the food they choose for their cats, which is why they will be proud to present Sheba Perfect Portions Bistro products to their feline companions. Three Bistro recipes include Salmon in Creamy Sauce Entrée, Chicken in Alfredo Sauce Entrée and Seafood in Scampi Sauce Entrée.

The line comes in Perfect Portions single-serve options as well as a ‘multipack’ offering, which contains both the Chicken in Alfredo Sauce Entrée and Salmon in Creamy Sauce Entrée in a 12-count package. 

The advertising campaign will appear in national print beginning this month.




  • CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Neil Clark and Jay Phillips
  • COPYWRITER: Eytan Smith
  • ART DIRECTOR: Tim Van Der Mee
  • AGENCY PLANNER: Emily Brydon
  • AGENCY ACCOUNT TEAM: Matt Henry and Ella Fanshawe
  • ART PRODUCER: Fiona Bailey
  • BRAND DIRECTOR: Fernando Silva
  • BRAND MANAGER: Liz Franks