Set Free Richardson directs Athlete’s Foot 50 year doc

Athletes Foot
(Director Set Free Ricahrdson)

High-profile director Set Free Richardson (AND1 Mixtapes, Universal Records, Mos Def) and global production and experience company HELO have partnered with The Athlete’s Foot (TAF) to create a short, 8-minute documentary titled We celebrate 50 years of TAF – Do you dare to celebrate with us?

The new work highlights TAF’s journey bringing the sneakers they love over the past five decades in business to the world.

Richardson (AND1, Universal Records, Mos Def, Nike, EASports), who cut his teeth by creating the wildly popular AND1 Mixtapes of the late ’90s and early 2000s, helps show the impact sneakers have on cultures around the world through this documentary.

Shot around the world, including NYC, Greece, ATL, Mexico, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam, the documentary features DJ Clark Kent, Jeff Staple, Buda Da Future, Brii Renee, Steve Bryden, Kish Kash, and Jadakiss, and is a true celebration of the brand. UK-born Glenn Kitson directed all European elements in the documentary. Watch the trailer below:

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Set Free was initially tasked with creating a video for internal use amongst TAF employees. Knowing this could be (and should be) a bigger story, Set Free went about capturing the true essence of sneaker culture, and all the ways TAF has played a role in developing and nurturing a diehard generation of “sneakerheads.”

We celebrate 50 years of TAF – Do you dare to celebrate with us? will be available starting September 2 for viewing on all TAF platforms (social, website), as well as Compound’s owned platforms. 


CLIENT: The Athlete’s Foot

  • Anouk Dekker, Global Brand Manager
  • Darius Billings, Sr. Director, Product & Marketing, TAF US– 


  • Director: Set Free Richardson, Glenn Kitson
  • Producer: Compound/Set Free Richardson