Schofield’s Flowers: helping brands bloom

(Refresh the martini, relight the stick, and Scof is set.)

Schofield’s Flowers opened in Chicago in 1896 by “Big Bill” Schofield. Twenty-six years later, Dion O’Banion, leader of the notorious North Side Gang (Al Capone’s main rival), became his partner.

As depicted in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, O’Banion met his grisly end at the Schofield’s Flowers shop, which has figured prominently in many movies about the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

A century and a quarter have passed, as Steve Schofield –  “Scof,” to his ever-expanding circle of friends and colleagues – carries that storied marquis forward as a multifaceted collective that is a resource for agencies and brands alike.

Projects include directing and producing an art installation for the Netflix launch of Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of the Chicago 7, in Grant Park, Chicago; creating and executing an Instagram and TikTok campaign for Co-Protect Global; and overseeing The Myabetic Awards for pharmaceutical company Mankind.

Schofield’s Flowers was brought in to direct and produce the campaign, including all experiential and content components.

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These were accomplished alongside more traditional production assignments for Hyundai, Acura, and Cadillac. As 2020 ended, Schofield’s Flowers saw its own brand blossom with the launch of a collab division: its first outing was with Los Angeles fashion designer Nicola Angelos and her brand SHAGBAGG, in the form of a unisex must-have Smoking Jacket/Robe.

Nicola Angelos in the SHAGBAGG/Schofield’s Flowers unisex Smoking Jacket/Robe

Steve Schofield

Appropriately, for Valentine’s Day, Schofield’s Flowers will be setting up shop at Lunetta All Day in Santa Monica, CA. Outdoor dining has returned to LA, and appropriate preparations have been made for a drive-thru and walk-thru experience featuring SHAGBAGG and other brands in pop-up form.

Schofield’s Flowers recently completed a 6-spot campaign for Co-Protect Global, and a consignment deal with the company ensures there will be plenty of Pro-Ply 3X mask available.

Schofield’s Flowers Valentine’s Speakeasy 2020 @ Lunetta All Day

The restaurant industry is changing, “architecturally and experientially,” Scof says.

“It was at Lunetta All Day on Valentine’s Day 2020, that Executive Producer Brian Jarmon came to our pop-up,” Schofield recalled. “As he walked out, he said, ‘If I ever need an experience, I’ll be calling you.’ Seven months later, when Netflix was planning ‘More Than 7’ (The Trial of the Chicago 7art installation), Brian called.” 

The association with Lunetta owner Mike Garrett is also notable, said Schofield, because “Brands need to be entertaining their customers, especially in the restaurant business. That industry is changing, architecturally and experientially. Mike is one of LA’s top restaurateurs (Garrett also owns Maple Block, and Pearl Dragon in the Palisades) and he’s at the forefront of the evolution.”

“Scof pays special attention to all mediums, from fashion to automotive, and the experiential side of the business is blooming,” said Angelos, who is now handling all of Schofield’s Flowers’ social media and is working closely with Schofield on the next series of brand experiences, in collaboration with LC King Manufacturing and Jeff the 420 Chef.

Looking ahead, Schofield observed, “My belief is that once this pandemic is over, people are going to want to get out and enjoy life again like the roaring 20’s. Just look at what TikTok has brought to our culture, particularly over the past year.”

In addition to Schofield and Angelos, the Schofield’s Flowers brain trust comprises Partner/Executive Producer Heather DiPietro, Experiential Lead Andrew Luft, and Chris Fraterrigo, who serves as Executive Creative Director and who presides over Schofield’s Flowers Social Hour, a podcast launched in 2020 and emblematic of the communal exuberance that permeates the company.

As Schofield explains, “We’re not waiting around for clients to come to us, we’re inviting clients to be a part of our experience.”

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“Whether we’re designing activations for a streamer, producing an amazing automotive campaign, marketing one of our own niche products, or any combination thereof,” he concluded, “we’re conveying a narrative to the customer.”