Rokkan creates rockin’ Caddy campaign w/ Russos


How does one launch a hot new, crew-ready, 3-row Cadillac XT6 SUV?

If you’re New York-based creative agency, Rokkan, you turn to Marvel’s Avengers. In this case, the real heroes of the MCU, director and brother team, The Russo Brothers.

Signed by creative branded production company Bullitt for commercials, the power-house directors used their visionary storytelling to bring a twist that defines the XT6 Crew Ready campaign and further defines the bold new direction of the Cadillac brand.

The campaign is comprised of a dynamic series of films showing off the XT6’s spacious 3-row interior, sporty design and rich technology suite – cementing its status as the perfect SUV for every squad, fam, or posse.

In essence, XT6 Crew Ready is a celebration of size and style – performance and presence told through a cast of crews. They are both heroic and familiar –modern, tech-forward and cut from every cloth. Watch below:

That bombastic track, is called “Welcome To The Party.” Created by the musical artist Diplo, the track adds a commanding layer of energy to the films for a brand whose legacy in music is unmatched.

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“Our team has continued to push the boundaries of what the world expects from a Cadillac, and this campaign continues that dynamic creative trajectory.” Said Brian Carley, CCO of Rokkan. “We set out to uproot the idea that a 3 row SUV has to be marketed in an expected and uniform way and The Russo Brothers were the perfect partners to do just that with Crew Ready.”

This new work is a prime example of Rokkan’s disruptive and culturally relevant approach as the 19 year-young creative shop does what it does best: push the boundaries with clients to make an impact—not just on their business, but on culture.

Note, there is no Thanos or Captain America in this spot, but the Reel 360 Team still likes it.

Client: CokeCadillac
   Chief Marketing Officer: Deborah Wahl
   Associate Director: Content Benjamin Haynes
   Director / Product Marketing: Jason Sledziewski
   Marketing Manager: Bob Benbow
   Assistant Manager / Content: Rob Whitley
   Marketing Coordinator: Lisa Redinger

Agency: Rokkan New York
   Chief Creative Officer: Brian Carley
   Chief Creative Officer: Bob Winter
   Executive Creative Director: Alex Lea
   VP / Group Creative Director: Bill Carlson
   Creative Director: Austin Muncy
   Creative Director: Rob Rooney
   Campaign Photographer: Justin Jamison
   Creative Operations: Hank Romero
   Head of Production: Bruce Andreini
   Executive Producer: Jenny Lee
   EVP / Chief Client Officer, Matt Garcia
   EVP / Global Client Lead, Paul Mareski
   EVP / Director, Emily Shahady
   Vice President, Group Account Director: Scott Durday
   Account Supervisor: Amanda Koegler
   Account Supervisor: Maggie Decker
   Chief Strategy Officer: Nicolas Chidiac
   Group Strategy Director: Steve Lampert
   Strategist: Spice Walker
   Associate Strategist: Emma Pindel

Production: Bullitt
   Directors: The Russo Brothers
   2nd Unit Director: Ari Costa
   Executive Producer: Luke Ricci
   Executive Producer/HOP: Jenni Sprunger
   Executive Vice President, Sales & Development: Allison Amon
   Producer: Jeremy Barrett
   Director of Photography: Trent Opalach

Editorial: Final Cut
   Editors: Crispin Struthers + James Rosen
   Social Media Asset Editor: Geoff Hastings
   Assistant Editors: Mike Radforth + Cutler Gray
   Executive Producer: Sarah Roebuck
   Head of Production: Penny Ensley

   Executive Producer: Camila De Biaggi
   Producer: Aiste Akelaityte
   Production Coordinator: Stephen Dierks
   VFX Supervisor: Rob Walker
   2D Leads: Rob Walker, Bilali Mack, Tamir Sapir
   2D Tean: Giulia Bartra, Esther Song, David Anger, Renato Carone, Lawrence Merrill, John Shafto,    Julien Aucouturier, Thiago Porto, David Piombino, Hector Cabrera, Luis Artigas, Kataleah Cowham

Color: The Mill
   Colorist: Mike Rossiter
   Producer: Evan Bauer

Audio: Heard City
   Sound Design + Mix: Phil Loeb
   Executive Producer: Sasha Awn
   Producer: Andi Lewis