Rio gets in the flow for Menstrual Hygiene Day

Tomorrow, May 28, is Menstrual Hygiene Day. MH Day is a global advocacy platform that brings together the voices and actions of non-profits, government agencies, individuals, the private sector and the media to promote good menstrual hygiene management (MHM) for all women and girls.

Poor menstrual hygiene caused by a lack of education on the issue, persisting taboos and stigma, limited access to hygienic menstrual products and poor sanitation infrastructure undermines the educational opportunities, health and overall social status of women and girls around the world. As a result, millions of women and girls are kept from reaching their full potential.

Rio-Heavy Flow Pads, the sanitary pad from the Nobel Hygiene family located in Mumbai, has launched a campaign to coincide with the upcoming Menstrual Hygiene Day that aims to raise awareness about the challenges that women face during their period, due to heavy flow.

In society, those with periods often normalize their extreme condition due to a lack of awareness around issues such as heavy flow and good menstrual hygiene, because they don’t know they need to use a variety of products. This can result in leakages, staining, and a higher rate of infections. All of these are signs of poor menstrual practices. Nobel Hygiene has created these ads below to recognize the day:

Rio addresses this issue via a campaign with a series of analogies to showcase how women feel when they use a regular napkin during heavy flow and seeks to tackle some of the taboos still prevalent around attitudes to periods.

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SOURCE: Nobel Hygiene