Wonderful Pistachios gets all green and Grinchy

Wonderful Pistachios Grinch 1

Wonderful joins forces
with Illumination and
Universal Pictures for
new holiday promotion

He’s baaaaaaaack. And he’s green. And angry. And his name is not David Banner. Meet the 2018 incarnation of Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch.

We all know the Grinch’s M.O. He has been a holiday mainstay since the 1966 animated special first aired and then came the cringe-worthy Jim Carrey live-action film. Now, Wonderful Pistachios has kicked the stockings off the holiday season with a new integrated campaign featuring his Grinchness.

Created by Wonderful’s in-house agency and billed as a “multimillion-dollar marketing campaign,” we find the anti-holiday green furry thing going through an emotional roller coaster when he finds himself actually enjoying something during the holidays.

Wonderful Pistachios. You were expecting some other kind of nut?

Animated by Ilumination, the campaign includes two new commercials. In the first, which began airing October 29, we find a frowning Grinch is caught off-guard by how much he enjoys the taste of Wonderful Pistachios. And though he physically forces his face back into a frown, there’s no hiding the power of Wonderful Pistachios to put a smile on even the Grinchiest of faces. Take a look below:

“This partnership was a no-brainer,” says Darren Moran, Chief Creative Officer of Wonderful Agency. “When you put two famously edgy (and green) iconic brands together, the result is going to be fun, attention-getting work that becomes an instant holiday classic.”

To create the custom animation and all other campaign assets for The Grinch’s brand partnerships, Universal collaborates closely with Illumination Labs, Illumination’s internal creative division that has a team of over 150 people who work out of the company’s Santa Monica headquarters and IMG Studio in Paris.

The campaign will be supported by an online digital campaign and in-store point-of-sale (POS) including bins and standees. A second spot, which begins airing November 26, features the Wonderful Pistachios No Shells brand (my preference) for the first time on television.

Instead of stealing toys, this new Grinch spot will run off with your heart. Good job.

Client: Wonderful Pistachios
   Vice President of Marketing: Adam Cooper
   Director of Marketing: David Johnston

Agency: Wonderful Agency
   President: Michael Perdigao
   Chief Creative Officer: Darren Moran
   Executive Creative Director: Amber Justis
   Creative Director: Mike Condrick
   Creative Director: Jason Fryer
   Motion Graphics Director: Mike Hand
   ACD/Art Director: Matt Koulermos
   Senior Copywriter: Janna Carney
   Integrated Producer: Matt Conrad
   Account Supervisor: Ricci Ruden
   Senior Project Manager: Nicole Klein
   Project Manager: Austyn Frostad

Production: Illumination Entertainment

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