Rec League runs global campaign for New Balance

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Last year, ESPN, along with 72andSunny + R/GA veterans, formed a new LA-based agency and production company, The Rec League.

And now we get to take a gander at some work!

The fledgling agency is behind a new global campaign for New Balance (best running shoe truly) to promote the athletic brand’s FuelCell Propel and Rebel running shoes.

Launching July 9, the campaign – which runs in North America, Europe, Asia, APAC and Latin America – represents a new marketing strategy for New Balance, both from a creative standpoint and in the way its athletes are showcased.

The campaign pokes fun at typical advertising running clichés and shows why you don’t need long manifestos or fancy speed metaphors to know that New Balance’s athletes are fast. The message is simple: Don’t just talk about being fast; go out and be fast.

The centerpiece is a fast-moving, little off-the-wall, two-minute anthem film featuring five of New Balance’s top athletes and pro runners: Sydney McLaughlin, Trayvon Bromell, Boris Berian, Cory McGee and Kendall Ellis. Bold, irreverent and fun, the film utilizes creative editing techniques, special effects and retro touches to make its point, often in a tongue-in-cheek way. Take a look at the work below, directed by Rec League’s Trent Ubben and Jack Jensen.

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“We wanted to stay authentic to both our New Balance athletes and everyday runners, and not fall into the same creative space that much of speed marketing tends to live,” said Jack Jensen, Head of Creative at The Rec League.

“New Balance is not afraid to have its own voice and stance, and its pro athletes are no different. We don’t need to sell you on how fast Sydney McLaughlin or Trayvon Bromell is; you already know they are. And we don’t need to tell you to be fast; be fast.”

In addition to the anthem, the campaign will include individual athlete films, OOH, in-store and social content to follow in July and run throughout the summer.

New Balance has always stayed in the shadows of the Nikes, Adidas, and Reeboks of the world. But it really is truly the best running shoe and this new campaign elevates the brand to the images of its competitors, making it Reel Ad of the Week.

Client: New Balance
   Patrick Cassidy – Global Brand Marketing Director
   Siobhan Breagy – Global Brand Marketing Manager
   Sean Sweeney – Global Brand Marketing Manager
   Harry Norton – Global Integrated Marketing Manager
   Kevin Quadrozzi – Sports Marketing Manager

The Rec League:
   Trent Ubben – Creative Director, Head of Production
   Jack Jensen – Creative Director, Head of Creative
   Scott Swindler – Head of Brand
   Adam Bial – Director of Photography
   Josh Nathan – Producer
   Albert Chi – Production Supervisor
   Alyssa Giordano – UPM
   Gabe Sanchez – Color/VFX

Source: The Rec League

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