Pornhub uses AI to remaster 100-year-old adult videos

(Pornhub remasters 4K videos)

Working with ad agency Officer & Gentleman and creative studio Espadaysantacruz, Pornhub announced the launch of “Remastured,” an innovative project that employs the latest AI (artificial intelligence) technology to restore some of the oldest – and steamiest – erotic films ever produced.

The company used machine learning and over 100,000 adult videos and images from its library to colorize vintage porn for today’s modern audience. Viewers are transported back in time to experience 20th century-old erotic films featuring voluptuous Victorians and silent seductors in titillating technicolor with The Remastured Film Library

“Since the moment someone figured out how to record moving images, people have been making adult movies,” said Pornhub in a statement. “We thought it was important to not only preserve but modernize these films, and we are very excited to include this selection of artfully restored vintage material to our library, allowing users to indulge in old school erotica from a bygone era.”

It is common practice in film to colorize and restore even the most antique footage. However, the algorithms generally available are lacking since standard deep-learning models are trained with millions of SFW images, not nude or even pornographic ones.

By introducing the AI to Pornhub’s massive content library, it learned a naughty new trick; how to detect the subtle shades of body parts.

Transforming these centennial masterpieces into modern content resulting in The Remastured Film Library; a collection of 20 visually stunning scenes ranging from the 1890’s to the 1940’s, featuring the work of film pioneers like Thomas Edison and George Méliès and elaborate plots of the modern porn aficionado’s favorite categories. Watch the trailer below:

“Working on this project was definitely an eye-opening experience. Not only did we get a crash course on the tech behind restoring these old films from the amazing team at Espadaysantacruz, but we got a completely new perspective on just what kind of wild stuff our ancestors may – or may not – have been into,” says Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño, co-founder of Officer & Gentleman.

The process – which utilized several AI algorithms with limited human intervention – included:

  • Preparation of images: noise reduction, sharpening and contrasting
  • Colorizing using deep learning
  • Boosting to 60 frames per second (fps)
  • Rescaling to crisp 4K resolution
  • Digital remastering: cleaning artifacts, stabilization, and flickering reduction
  • Remastering audio or adding a new audio track

To develop the machine-learning algorithm, Pornhub paired black and white images, along with the colorized version. Through testing, the AI was able to generalize its comparative findings and colorize images provided previously to colorizing images it had never seen.


CLIENT: Pornhub

AGENCY: Officer & Gentleman 

  • EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño & Alex Katz 
  • ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES: Marta Cintero & Alba Domínguez
  • CREATIVE SUPERVISORS: Gonzalo Arica, Luis Álvarez & Monica Gramunt
  • SENIOR COPYWRITER: Andrew Boulton 
  • CREATIVE TEAM: Nuria Ariza, Andrea Rubio, Javi Díaz & David San Juan
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: Espada y Santacruz Studio
  • 3D MOTION GRAPHICS: Borja Coven
  • WEB DEVELOPMENT: Pum Estudio