Popeyes Taco Twosday menu hack

(How Popeyes celebrates Taco Tuesday)

Today, Popeyes unveils a menu hack for fanatics who love Taco Twosday AND the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich.

Ever since Popeyes released its famous internet-breaking Chicken Sandwich, the bar has been set high for what customers expect from a quality chicken sandwich and other restaurants have been trying to get a taste of the hype by debuting or upgrading their own.

Ensuring guests who want to enjoy fried chicken tacos on a Tuesday and maintain the high quality that they have grown to know and love from Popeyes, the brand is sharing a “TikTurial” featuring an employee sharing a “Popeyes chicken sandwich taco hack”:

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Step 1: Order the Popeyes® Chicken Sandwich.

Step 2: Remove the top bun.

Step 3: Remove the chicken fillet

Step 4: Cut the chicken fillet in half

Step 5: Fold the bottom bun around the chicken into the shape of a taco.

Step 6: Enjoy Taco Twosday!

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Love that taco Twosday from Popeyes.