PoC Studios partners with SOLIS’ blockchain and feature film divsions


Labid Aziz’s People of Culture Studios, a diverse and forward-thinking content studio with an all-inclusive approach to producing, financing, and distributing film and TV content intended for a global audience has partnered with SOLIS Studios and SOLIS Labs, the feature film and blockchain divisions of media and technology collective SOLIS (“Partnership”).

SOLIS, led by Brett Claywell and Brendan de Kauwe, has created a first of its kind content driven ecosystem and curated entertainment-focused digital marketplace that facilitates the creation and sale of both utility and regulated blockchain smart contracts.

This partnership is designed to elevate up-and-coming film and tv content creators by utilizing SOLIS’ elegant and easy-to-use blockchain technologies for raising funds, allowing community access to equity investments in a secure, compliant and transparent manner.

Additionally, People of Culture Studios is providing the strategy, experience and relationships necessary to be successful at the highest levels of the global media and entertainment industry. The principals behind this collaboration understand, value and respect both the traditions of the global media & entertainment industry and the innovative opportunities inherent within the emerging DeFi ecosystem.

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The first project, Ninja Masx, to debut through the Partnership is brought to us by Ryoichi Wada, the imaginative co-creator of One Cut of the Dead on which Cannes opening night film FINAL CUT is based.

The project, an animated series, is also being developed and executive produced alongside famed comic book creator, tv showrunner and screenwriter Andrew Cosby (Hellboy, 2 Guns, Eureka) who additionally serves as PoC Studios’ Chief Creative Officer.  

Labid Aziz

Ninja Masx is a co-production between PoC Studios, NorthStar Thailand Studio, and Ryoichi Wada’s company Hairu Entertainment. The series brings Wada’s incredible manga world to life and is an original concept by Wada.

The film is a futuristic genre-bending mashup of ninja lore, apocalyptic genre, music, dance, and dynamic anime action. Co-executive producers are Ray Sefo, Sirisak Koshpasharin and Isaac Wu. 

People of Culture Studios Founder and CEO Labid Aziz notes, “At People of Culture Studios, we pride ourselves on being on the bleeding edge of technology and operational efficiency to empower ourselves and our partners by being better, faster, and cheaper without compromising quality or the financial windfall.. By creating a real two-way communication channel with our community through this Partnership’s DeFi efforts, we know we will keep our real boss – our audience – engaged and creatively satisfied.”

Aziz adds, “We have a clearly defined “why” and that’s to protect the two most important people in our business, those who write the script and those who write the check. With this partnership, we can take things to another level in finding talent, protecting talent, empowering talent and creating really strong business opportunities for all involved. Our mission is to provide a platform that will bring much needed diversity in ideas and perspectives to create entertaining and profitable content while fully leveraging innovative technological tools.”

SOLIS Cofounder Brett Claywell shares, “As SOLIS continues our exploration of developing deeper relationships between talent, their stories, and their audiences, we are delighted to continue our growth with a company like PoC who shares our vision of global communities engaged in discovering and supporting global voices.”

SOLIS Studios most recently entered into a multi-picture co-financing deal with Maurice Fadida’s Kodiak Pictures for a slate of genre films with Eric B. Fleischman’s Defiant Studios. 

The company uses traditional and decentralized methods to develop deeper layers of engagement between content and the communities who consume it. The new slate demonstrates SOLIS Studios’ commitment to utilizing the power of blockchain to explore new opportunities for feature films.

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