Panera takes us behind the counter in new series


Have you ever wondered what is going on behind the scenes in Panera’s kitchen? Now, thanks to SuperBloom House, we can get a peek.

Concepted, managed and produced start to finish by SuperBloom House in Panera’s test kitchen, the “Behind The Counter” digital short series gives viewers a more intimate, behind-the-scenes look into the people, innovation, ingredients and humanity that goes into each of their recipes.

SuperBloom House developed the idea to blend the natural kitchen table conversation already happening with Panera’s chefs, bakers and culinary experts. Starting with multiple discussions with the chefs and team members to understand each menu item, each story and to unearth little anecdotes about the creation.

SBH teamed with Andrew Gooi, James Beard Award-winning director and cinematographer from SuperBloom House Creative Collective. Andrew has experience filming food but also experience in the documentary space.

Since they weren’t working with a script, a big focus was getting the Panera team members to remember details, open up about their process as that’s so important to how an idea becomes an item at Panera. 

The series will be 6 videos in total, with the first 4 already launched on Panera’s YouTube. Watch below:



CLIENT: Panera

  • Strategy: Gregg Hirschorn; SuperBloom In House
  • Development: Adam Milano; SuperBloom In House
  • Production: Nick Phillip; SuperBloom In House 
  • Editing: Mana Handel, Carlos Perez; SuperBloom In House 
  • Management: Ashley Brabham; SuperBloom House Creator Collective
  • Director: Andy Gooi; SuperBloom House Creator Collective

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