Director Suppnig creates video using ‘Rocketman’ song

(Photo Credit: Brent Mata)

When Director Sandro Suppnig and Choreographer Lockhart Brownlie met last fall an idea was born: to create a film that taps into the Zeitgeist by featuring Los Angeles as a creative hub and provide a platform by artists for artists. 

On a recent visit to L.A. Model Management the duo was inspired by the roster of talent. Agency owner Heinz Holba and his business partner, agency Vice President Karine Roman, loved the idea and agreed to produce the film.  

“I was galvanized by the LA Models roster of talent, many of which I have been following on social media for a while already.  I proposed the idea to Heinz to create a campaign involving music, movement and a stellar cast that would exclusively feature the all-inclusive talent on their roster from the models, actors and even influencers,” Suppnig said in a statement.

The result – a retro-inspired, colorful video celebrating the Academy Award-winning song (I’m Gonna) Love Me Again performed by Elton John and Taron Egerton.

Creative agency NEER Motion came on board, along with producer Alex Lampsos, and from then on the remarkable support for the project gained unstoppable momentum.  Watch below:

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“We really loved the Rocketman movie and its soundtrack. It felt like the score of so many of our lives,” states Lockhart Brownlie. “We simply were obsessed by the idea of connecting one of the songs to our video.”

LA Models 

Executive Producers – Heinz Holba & Karine Roman

NEER Motion

Executive Producers – Brent Mata & Chandra Feltus
Director – Sandro Suppnig
Choreographer – Lockhart Brownlie
Producer – Alex Lampsos
Director of Photography – Brent Mata
Art Director – Estelle Simounet
Editor – Daniel Freedman
Colorist – Dante Pasquinelli
Sound Design – Henning Sommer | Supreme Music
Senior Flame Artist – Luc Job | Light Bringer Inc.

Photographer: Brent Mata