New York Lottery ups drama in Dutchess County

(Courtesy McCann)

To get people in the spirit of playing its Cash Multiplier Series of Scratch-Offs, the New York Lottery is giving people the chance to multiply their winnings—and the drama— up to 100 times with every win.

The latest campaign, created in partnership with McCann New York, leans into a well-known genre of daytime television, featuring characters whose lives are dramatically drawn to the series of tickets.  After all, New Yorkers love drama, and what better way to highlight these winnings than by creating a daytime drama filled with multiple twists and turns.  Watch below:


The campaign, directed by comedy director duo Terri Timely, launched on January 5, 2023, and will be carried across TV, radio, OOH, print, social and other digital executions. It will run until April 2.  


CLIENT: New York Lottery 

AGENCY: McCann New York 

  • Pierre Lipton – Co-Chief Creative Officer 
  • Shayne Millington – Co-Chief Creative Officer 
  • Dominick Baccollo – SVP, Executive Creative Director 
  • Jason Ashlock – SVP, Executive Creative Director 
  • Daniel Kim – SVP, Group Creative Director 
  • Justin Chen – SVP, Group Creative Director 
  • Craig Bishop – Creative Director 
  • Peter Sherer – Creative Director 
  • Margaret Webber– Associate Creative Director 
  • Nikki Maizel – EVP, Executive Account Director 
  • Nancy Tynan – SVP, Group Account Director 
  • Molly Vossler – VP, Account Director 
  • Christina Harman – Senior Account Executive 
  • Laura Frank – EVP, Executive Strategy Director 
  • Emily Brown – VP, Strategy Director 
  • Billy LePage – Associate Strategy Director 
  • Natalie Hernandez – Business Manager 
  • Chris Badano – Executive Producer  


  • Director: Terri Timely 
  • Managing Director: Justin Pollock 
  • Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman Bisbee 
  • Head of Production: Chelsea Schwiering 
  • Producer: David Lambert 
  • Unit Production Manager: Matt O’Shea 
  • Production Designer: Amelia Battagilo 
  • DOP:  Donavan Sell 
  • Wardrobe Stylist: Lani Steinhouse 

EDIT: Cosmo St. 

  • Executive Producer: Maura Woodward 
  • Head of Production:  Anni Lai & Luiza Naritomi 
  • Editor:  Tessa Davis 
  • Assistant Editor: George Irizarry 
  • Producer:  John Dillon 

Conform/VFX: The End FX 

Audio Mix: HOBO 

Senior Sound Designer & Mixer: Julian Angel 

Telecine: Color Collective 

Colorist: Alex Bickel 

Music: APM

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