Finish challenges us to survive Monday the 13th

(Courtesy Havas Formula)

Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday – Go Eagles! And Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. Hellooooo, romance! But what about the day in between? A hellish day of hangovers and a scary mess from the day before? Welcome to Monday the 13th. It’s a war between teddy bears and helmets. Finish has launched a campaign dedicated to this dreaded day.

The brand has partnered with Turkey-based ad agency (hope they are safe)Happy People Project to showcase how it alleviates stress with an easy next-day clean-up challenge (as well as some delicious recipes!).

When using Finish Quantum on Monday the 13th, you can sleep in and relax ahead of your V-Day celebrations. Join the Finish 24-Hour Challenge and let your dishes sit for 24 hours (yes, really! No rinsing!), load up your dishwasher, and Finish Quantum will wash everything off seamlessly. If Finish Quantum doesn’t work on 24 hour dried-on stains, the meal is on the brand! (up to $20). Watch below:


The campaign will begin rolling out this week on social and digital.