New Xbox controller channels 90s nostalgia

(Courtesy Mutiny)

Mutiny, Trailer Park Group’s dedicated videogame branding and advertising agency, has developed and crafted an inventive rollout for Xbox’s family of Elite controllers.

The core tenet of the campaign explores how to take a product that used to be reserved for gaming’s elite and broaden its appeal to a more general gaming audience.

“This campaign gets to the core of what the Elite Series 2 product family represents – exceptional performance, customization, and durability to play like a pro. There’s an Elite controller for every passionate gamer. No matter what games you like to play, the controller provides you with the best experience for your gaming style,” said Courtney Luk, Integrated Marketing Manager, Xbox 

In an industry that aims to entice new controller devotees with options for every player, the Elite controller can now be purchased in the classic black (Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2), the new Core model (Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Core in white), or customized as part of Xbox Design Lab (Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 with Xbox Design Lab) with a name, personal design, and color scheme chosen to reflect a user’s particular style. Either way, Xbox is no longer speaking only to hardcore players, whether you’re playing Minecraft on the weekend or taking on demons in Diablo IV, the Elite Series 2 controller is the best option for console gamers everywhere.

Mutiny’s Executive Creative Director Noah Eichen directed the hero spot and co-wrote the commercial’s jingle, which will roll out in the hero spot alongside the influencer content on TikTok and beyond. RuthAnne Berry, Account Director at Mutiny, led and coordinated the project execution.

The entire creative effort was a huge integrated lift in-house at Mutiny and across Trailer Park Group and partner companies. From cereal box design and fabrication, to illustration for the coloring book and the film component.

Claire Zimmerman, Associate Creative Director at Mutiny, and her team also created custom key art and motion assets that are CG renders of the controllers that thematically fit into the campaign.

Central to the creative is the 45-second commercial spot entitled “Xbox Elite Cereal: Feed what makes you Elite.” Watch below:


“It was an incredibly fun challenge to bring the unique personality of each of the controllers to life through our visual design and campaign. We wanted to capture the essence of what makes each controller unique, while still maintaining a cohesive brand identity. Which aligned perfectly with the metaphor of cereal flavors,” added Claire Zimmerman, Associate Creative Director, Mutiny. 


CLIENT: Microsoft/Xbox

Microsoft Project Lead:  Courtney Luk, Integrated Marketing Manager

AGENCY: Mutiny

  • Director: Noah Eichen
  • Associate Creative Director: Claire Zimmerman
  • Editor: Noah Eichen
  • DP: John Frost
  • Mutiny Project Lead: RuthAnne Berry, Senior Account Director

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