New ‘Wonder Woman: 1984’ banner ahead of trailer

(We expect a new Wonder Woman: 1984 trailer at DC FanDome tomorrow)

With Wonder Woman 1984’s October 2nd date a little less than a month and a half away, the Warner Bros. hype machine has finally picked up steam. Tomorrow, DC FanDome, the highly anticipated virtual fan event for all things DC, will kick off with a panel devoted to the Patty Jenkins’ sequel, and we now have a new poster and banner. 

To reflect the 1980s, the banner’s colors are bright and hopeful with a little more than a hint of disco mixed in. We see Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince wearing the awe-inspiring Golden Eagle armor. 

Wonder Woman is also wearing the same in the new poster as posted on Instagram. The hope among fans (and the Reel 360 team) is that we will finally get a decent look at Kristen Wiig’s supervillain, Cheetah.

Up until now, we’ve only had pretty subpar leaks on the outside of some Funko Pops, promo art, and the odd merchandising image. 

There is, of course, a chance Warner Bros. is saving that for the movie itself, but it almost seems pointless at this stage given how much content for Wonder Woman 1984 is doing the rounds.

Check out the new banner and poster below:

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There is now a nice, new teaser for DC’s FanDome panel tomorrow:

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DC FanDome will happen this Saturday, August 22 at You can check it out by heading here. You can build your own schedule so you know exactly what to tune into next weekend.

Be sure to keep up-to-date with our coverage of DC FanDome this weekend for a first look at Wonder Woman: 1984Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and much more.

SOURCE: Instagram