New fragrance and spa line inspired by film sets

(Courtesy Hayden 5)

While the masses are preparing to celebrate the ambiance of the holiday season with aromas of pine needles and gingerbread, creative video agency Hayden5 is taking an advertising spin on the festive spirit with the release of the limited edition “Scent of Set” fragrance collection.

After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year, with productions for Super Bowl spots well underway!

A bespoke blend of burning light gels, strong hold hairspray, black coffee and buzzing efficiency, Scent of Set delivers a jolt to the nose that will immediately transport you back to the joy of a 6 am call time with sleigh bells a’ringing.

The inspiration behind the original campaign comes as a play on the wildly popular hometown-inspired candles that have become a cultural phenomenon, thanks to their nostalgia-driven scents. The original “Scent of Set” collection includes a candle of the same name that embraces that sentiment, wrapping up individuals with the signature trappings of a commercial shoot that are at once calming and triggering.

The fragrance collection also includes: a “Plumes of Post” candle, “Calm Before Call Time” bath bomb, “Touch of Transpo” air freshener, “The Crunch of Crafty” popcorn treat, “A Whiff of Wardrobe” air diffuser, “Gruff of Grip” hand lotion and a “Wrap(ped)” chocolate bar.


In celebration of the launch of the fragrance collection, which includes a lineup of eight items available for purchase HERE, Hayden5 created a video to encapsulate the sensory experience of “Scent of Set.”

In the campy video, viewers are transported to a behind-the-scenes look of a commercial shoot, stylized as a luxury fragrance spot. An original track croons: ”It’s the calm before call time. It’s a touch of transpo. There’s the crunch of crafty, a whiff of wardrobe. Now the Gruff of Grip. And soon, we’ll wrap.” Watch below:

Jose Valentino Ruiz, the Grammy-winning artist behind the vocals on the track, was once in a boy band with Hayden5 Partner, Todd Wiseman Jr., who also served as Creative Director for the video alongside Director Arthur Valverde.