The new Motorola razr calls for closer look


Kids, once upon a time, and that was a time a looooooong 11 years ago, there was no smart phone. We cool kids had something called the Motorola razr. It was gloriously thin, fitting easily into your pocket, had an ice-blue backlit keypad and when you opened it, you felt like Captain James T. Kirk hailing Scotty. Of course, that coolness was replaced by Apple and Samsung.

But the razr is back and we are intrigued by this new incarnation.

Motorola has been trying to replicate its razr success for the past decade. It attempted to bring the phone back in 2011 with the Droid Razr, a super-thin smartphone that Motorola hoped would vault it back into relevance with Apple and Samsung users.


However, the new Motorola Razr, according to reports, is quite frankly badass. They didn’t use those words, but you get the gist.

The company has taken all the familiar qualities of a modern smartphone (can we lose work emails and Slack please?) and adapted them to a modern smartphone unlike any other. Watch the video from Verizon below:

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State-of-the-Art Flexible Screen

The razr uses advanced flexible OLED screen technology and a groundbreaking hinge mechanism that allows the phone to close with both sides perfectly flush.

What this means is the display is protected, creating an even thinner, more compact design. We can flip it open to bring movies and videos to life in high-definition on a 6.2” Flex View display.

The display also has a 21:9 CinemaVision aspect ratio – the same ultra-wide dimensions used by the film industry – so we can enjoy all of the action and not miss out on anything.

Two Displays

The phone features a touchscreen Quick View external display lets you respond to notifications, take selfies, play your music, use Google Assistant, and more without having to flip open your phone.

Verizon says, we just twist our wrists with the phone closed to open the 16MP main camera and shoot away. Also, the displays are made to work together.

Whenever we need more information or want a bigger view, simply flip open the phone and whatever you see on Quick View display instantly moves to the larger Flex View display.

16MP Camera

Here’s what the Instagrammers, TikTok’ers, and other influencers really care about.

The camera.

The razr is rounded out with a feature-packed 16MP camera that captures amazing photos you’ll be proud to share. Night Vision mode brings light and clarity to the darkest scenes, and electronic image stabilization steadies the shot for better videos with fewer blurry takes.

Built-in artificial intelligence (AI) looks for ways to give you the most professional results possible. Use AI for shot optimization, portrait lighting, smart composition, auto smile capture and gesture capture.

You’ll still be lip synching on TikTok, folks.

Other Accessories

Every razr includes razr earbuds, a premium USB-C headset professionally tuned by Denon AudioTM expert sound engineers with advanced Digital Signal Processing for amazing sound whether traveling, working or relaxing.

An assortment of cases will be available at launch from Otterbox, Kate Spade and more.

The price tag of almost $1500 is pricey for this updated nostalgia and the big question is will consumers pay for it, especially if its exclusive carrier is Verizon?

We shall see when the phone is available to be pre-ordered starting December 26 and when it arrives on January 9.

For now enjoy your iPhones and Galaxies, kids.

SOURCE: Verizon