Mill and Nike unveil giant immersive experience

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Well, this is dope.

The Mill’s experiential and interactive team has partnered with Nike’s North America retail experience design team to collaborate on an installation for their flagship store in NYC that celebrates the unique performance benefits of the new Nike Joyride product line.

Unveiled today to the public, the Nike Joyride Trial Experience playfully and scientifically explores Nike’s latest innovation; The Joyride Running Shoe, through three immersive games that inspire running, jumping, bouncing, and explosive laughter.

The experience takes the form of a ‘Testing Facility’ – a structure outfitted with a reactive floor that creates a playground for three games. The games are specifically engineered to create a visceral experience of the product’s benefits and innovative design, awarding players with digital beads, which accrue in a giant interactive digital ball pit.

Nike Joyride Experience | Skip ‘N Squash from The Mill on Vimeo.

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Players check-in and are outfitted with a pair of Nike Joyrides. To an infectious music, composed by Rory White of Antfood, three play simultaneously a series of games inspired by carnival amusements, traditional children’s games and agility exercises, winning digital beads along the way. Users can share their experience via a social media generator that captures them in the action and publishes content for them to share.

Nike Joyride Experience | Busy Beads from The Mill on Vimeo.

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Spearheaded by ECD Rama Allen, the environmental digital content and interactive gaming experience was crafted at global creative production studio The Mill, from creative conception to production and deployment.

Visit the House of Innovation Nike flagship store at 650 5th Ave in Manhattan and experience Joyride for yourself until mid-October 2019.

Like we said, pretty dope indeed.

Source: The Mill