Love, Victor: Marcos Luevanos on Season 2

Love Victor
(Love Victor’s Season 2 drops tonight)

The craft of writing television and including diverse representation is a subject that is consistently talked about as a movement that is evolving dramatically. One Producer and Writer giving us insight into his journey as a rising brown storyteller is Marcos Luevanos, who works on one of the most talked-about Hulu series, Love Victor.

From pushing to see more content created by BIPOC, Latinos, and LGBTQ communities, Marcos is helping to expand the conversation, getting us closer to making the changes the industry has been longing for.

Love, Victor follows a closeted teenager at a high school where no one knows he’s gay. Unlike the other series Love Simon, however, Love, Victor centers on a Colombian and Puerto Rican family in Atlanta, dealing with how Victor’s background affects his sexuality. Watch the trailer below:

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Love Victor explores the six stages of coming out, and while half were shown in Season 1, Season 2 will explore the second half of how coming out affects the family.

Marcos Luevanos is a gay, Latinx, L.A. native and NYU alum. The former Los Angeles Times Style Editor once was even dumped, fired, and slapped all in the same day.

Lucky for all of us, Marcos made his way to TV. “I got my start in television lint-rolling Carson Kressley on Bravo’s Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and assisting Kevin Williamson on The CW’s The Vampire Diaries,” he told Reel 360.

“I also participated in the NHMC’s TV Writing Program (’09), NBC’s Writers On The Verge (’10), and The CBS Writers Mentoring Program (’11).” He has written on BET’s The Game, NBC’s Telenovela, CBS’s Life In Pieces, The CW’s Charmed, Hulu’s Love, Victor, and is currently a Supervising Producer on Rutherford Falls.

Marcos touched on starting out as a journalist before working in television. “I’ve always had a passion for telling honest stories. I think it’s great we are in a place where Latino stories are being told. Something this generation is very new to.”

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He also noted, “Representation on TV showcases how a person can connect to who they are watching and Love, Victor is breaking down barriers of characters and story lines that we love to see. “

Bringing Season 2 of Love, Victor was even more challenging this year due to the pandemic. Like other productions, the Love Victor team took extensive safety precautions beginning with the Writers’ Room all the way through to filming.”

He attributes the process’ success due to the “great team.”

“The best part of working on a show like Love, Victor is that it’s with a great team where you get to watch the characters you create come to life on set.”

Marcos is dedicated to making change the industry and wants to pivot his work to helping bring other Latino storytellers and continue to pave the way for Latino stories to continue to be told.

Writer, Producer Marcos Luevanos can be found on Instagram as @beyoncesbestfriend, which has yet to be disproven.  

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